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15 Quick & Effective Methods for Promoting Your Web Content Online

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We believe in magic around here.

Fairy dust that makes you fly…dancing brooms…a purse that you can pull a coat rack from…all of it.

We also believe in the magic of words. We know you can’t publish them and expect your audience to magically find them, however.

Last week, we shared a blog post called, “Write It & They Will Come: Inspiring Truth or Dangerous Myth?” Spoiler alert: It’s a myth. Your content is only effective when your audience can find it.

In this post, we’re delivering to you a list of simple and effective ways to promote your content today—no wand required.

15 Quick & Effective Ways to Promote Your Content Online

1. Share Your Content to Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great way to specifically target your audience. Many niche groups exist from those made for goat aficionados (yes, really) to those interested in marketing. Find some groups that fit your niche and share your content. Red alert: Don’t spam. Make sure you read the rules of the group first and always engage in the group outside of sharing your content.

2. Answer Questions on Quora & Reddit

Social media platforms Quora and Reddit are a goldmine for content promotion. Check out questions and forums in your niche and answer questions/engage using your content. For example, answer a question quickly in Quora and link to your blog post for more information.

Need a hint? Check out this blog post about using Quora for content and this blog for Reddit. See what we did there? ?

3. Create an Email Newsletter

We love our email newsletters around here, and for good reason. They’re an easy way to be in contact with your audience via their inbox. We like to include a list (with links) of all of our new blogs each month inside our newsletter. You could also include links to new website pages, white papers and more.

4. Publish a Paid Ad

Now, in no way, shape or form is paid advertising simple. Yet, boosting one of your Facebook posts isn’t difficult. If you share a video or other type of quality content on Facebook, try boosting it for a few dollars a day.

Want to go even further? Set up a video views ad instead—we’ve seen ThruPlay ads cost a mere penny (yes, $0.01) for each view. ?

5. Create a Shareable Graphic for Pinterest

Add a new social media platform to your repertoire with Pinterest. It’s simple to use a tool such as Canva to create an image or infographic about your new content. Next, share that image on Pinterest with a link to your content to boost your reach.

6. Add Your Content to Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a powerhouse platform for businesses. Add your content as featured content on your LinkedIn profile. You can also add a link to your content inside your LinkedIn summary.

7. Publish Your Content on Medium

Medium is an online publishing platform that aggregates articles and content on specific niches together. By creating an account, you’re able to upload blog posts, articles, guides and more to further your reach. Individuals searching Medium for your niche may find your content, follow you on social and become leads for your business.

8. Add Relevant Hashtags

Whether posting on Facebook, Pinterest or another social media platform, always include relevant hashtags (#). Make sure they pertain to your industry and content subject. Hashtags make your content easier to find on the platform.

9. Place a Link in Your Instagram Bio

Do you have a business Instagram? Add a shortened link to the newest blog post in your bio. Take it further by using Linktree to add links to your About page, Blog and more, all from your Insta bio.

10. Make a Quick Video Tip via Facebook Stories

If you recently published a new blog post or another form of content, take a quick tip or excerpt and create a Facebook or Instagram Story. Don’t forget to mention your new content, so viewers can check it out. These quick videos disappear in 24 hours, but they may attract more views than static posts.

11. Link to Other Related Content

Whether a blog post or a website page, always link to other related content. For example, if you create an FAQ page for your business, link to other relevant pages such as your Services page throughout the content. In-text links make it simple for your readers to view more of your content, without the need to search for it.

12. Add “Click to Tweet” to Your Blog Posts

Are you spitting truth in your blog posts? Sure, you are. Whenever you write a specific quote or fact that stands out in your copy, add a “click to tweet” button. This makes it easier for your readers to share the blurb on Twitter. Plus, it links back to you!

13. Slip a Link Into Your Email Signature

Your signature is critical email real estate. Use it to showcase your new content. We’re not talking going overboard here—a simple link will do.

14. Create a Pillar Page With Your Content

If you have several blog posts or pages on a specific topic, why not create a pillar page for your website? It’s easy to do and it places your content front and center for your audience to see. Pillar pages act as bridges between your content, keeping your audience engaged.

15. Share a Snippet on Social Media

When you publish new content, don’t forget to create a social media post about it. These posts boost your website traffic and take only a few seconds to publish. Want to make social media posting even faster? Try Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your posts in advance.

Remember: Choose Promotion Methods That Fit Your Target Audience

While we believe you can benefit from any of these methods, it’s important to consider your target audience. Where do they hang out online? Are they Facebook or Twitter people? Do they read online publications? Are they in their email inbox often?

The answers to these questions and more will help you discover where you need to focus your content promotion efforts.

Don’t Have Content to Promote? We Can Help.

If you’re reading this saying, “Well, all of that would be great…but I don’t even have the content to promote,” we see you. Content creation is tough stuff. We’re here to help. Reach out to the Word Nerds by sending us a message.

Erin Larson