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3 Ways to Incorporate Your Voice Into Your Web Copy

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3 Ways to Incorporate Your Voice Into Your Web CopyYour business is special. You have chosen a brand that accentuates what you offer. You have chosen a website that speaks that brand down to the very last font color.

And, yet… Something feels off. You feel as if something is missing, as if your passion for your business just isn’t coming through. You may be thinking:

“This doesn’t sound like me…at all.”

Your website is an extension of you and your business. If your copy doesn’t sound like you, then your message isn’t clear and your ideal audience isn’t hearing you.

Want to know a secret? You can fix it. To get your copy back on track, here are three ways to use your own voice in your content.

3 Tips for Putting You Into Your Web Copy

1. Know Your “Why”

Why are you selling that product? Why are you offering that service? Understanding your “why” will help you create content for more than just selling. Instead, it will help you start building lasting relationships with your customers.

“But, I started a business to make money.” Maybe. But why did you choose THAT business instead of another business? There are millions of ways to make money, but only one business that you chose.

Having a deep understanding of your why will cause it to come out in your copy—creating a believable and sincere voice.

2. Let Your Customers Know YOU’re There

Note the emphasis on you. At the end of the day, customers want to feel an attachment to the product or service they are purchasing. They want to know that YOU are there—not some faceless bot.

“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.”
Paul J. Meyer, Businessman

Don’t stifle your personality. Professionalism doesn’t have to be stuffy and jargon-filled to be effective. You should write conversationally as if each customer is already a long-time friend of yours.

The conversation between you and your customers should create a sense of belonging and acceptance. They should feel as if they are sitting on the couch next to you, having a conversation with you through your content, and feeling completely comfortable with your brand voice.

3. Be a Window

When one door closes, another one opens, right? When it comes to your website, you don’t want to close a door on your customer. Instead, you can be a window. Offer yourself in your copy; be authentic and vulnerable.

The truth will set your content free. Your customers will feel refreshed when reading content that is open, sincere and truthful. You can incorporate openness in your content from telling stories to using photos for a look into your business.

Transparency is key when creating emotional and personal attachments with your customers.

You Owe it to Yourself & Your Clients to Put YOU in Your Web Copy

Dr. Seuss once said,

“There is no one alive that is you-er than you.”

Take some time to review your existing website copy. Does it sound like you? If not, take some time to consider how you can incorporate these tips about putting your voice into your copy. And if you need it, know we’re here to help.

We know you have something special to bring to the business table by incorporating your voice into your web copy. And we wholeheartedly believe you can create content that is personable, honest and excited about the why will bring those customers in, time and time again.

Cari O'Brien

Founder & Chief Word Nerd
Cari has been providing content marketing services to businesses for over 15 years. She writes and speaks frequently about brand messaging, SEO copywriting and audience-focused copy. She’s the creator of the Connection Copywriting Method and the online writing course, Write that Site®.

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