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4 Ways to Better Connect With Customers Through Your Web Content

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Two business women connecting with each other across a table covered in notebooks and pensYou started your company for a reason. You created your website because you knew you needed to reach your customers online. You’ve even heard about SEO and you’ve written a few blogs.

You feel like you’ve checked all the boxes. But something is missing. There is a good chance that the thing that is missing is you—the real you.

Websites and blogs have evolved over time, and this is a new era. Technology is in our hands and in our way every day, causing people to crave true connections.

Whether you’re in a B2C or B2B business, you really need to think of yourself in a P2P—person to person—business. You’ve heard the expression, “People like to buy from people.” That theory extends to your marketing, blogs, social media and the copy on your website.

The good news is there are several ways to incorporate your voice into your web copy and to connect with your customers in new ways!

1. Be Authentic

Stay true to your company culture and your values. Additionally, keep your web copy consistent with the services you offer and don’t exaggerate to get attention. Using excessive exclamation points to boost excitement over a dry topic never works.

Also, avoid talking down to your customer. There’s a good chance your customer understands what you do, and “dumbing things down” is a sure way to come off as patronizing.

2. Avoid Slang and Colloquialisms

Grammatically incorrect language can be common and truly conversational, but it isn’t professional. Using your voice doesn’t mean forgetting your manners! While some well-placed jargon or slang may add just the right touch, it’s best to completely avoid curse words and other offensive language.

3. Use Customer Reviews

Everyone loves a good story. Who better to tell a story about you than a happy customer? Add a couple short and relevant reviews from your customers to your website. It gives a personal touch, and let’s someone else brag for you.

4. Read Your Copy Out Loud

Now read your copy out loud and really listen to how it sounds. Does it sound like something you would say to your customer…or any human for that matter?

Making your copy conversational keeps your reader engaged. It also ensures that you are getting your point across as intended. While adjectives are great at painting a picture, you may find that when you hear it said aloud, you only need one to make a concise point.

Extend Your Efforts Across All Copy

Now that you’re ready to start using your voice, plan to stay true to it. Don’t forget to extend that same tone of voice to all the pages on your site. Your Contact page is an easy one to overlook, but it may just be one of the most visited pages you have.

Moreover, your voice extends beyond your web copy and blogging. Use the same voice on every Facebook post and Tweet for greater impact and connection.

Reach Out for Help

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Cari O'Brien

Founder & Chief Word Nerd
Cari has been providing content marketing services to businesses for over 15 years. She writes and speaks frequently about brand messaging, SEO copywriting and audience-focused copy. She’s the creator of the Connection Copywriting Method and the online writing course, Write that Site®.

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