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5 Inspiring Elements Your Website Is Missing

Reading Time: 3 minutes
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“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Will Rogers, beloved stage actor and performer, might not have known his words would mean so much for businesses trying to stake their claim online. But, his words ring true for your online presence.

Your website is often the place your audience develops their first impression of you. A website that captures their attention and converts uses each space and page to inspire. Are you forgetting elements on your website that could be standing between you and new customers?

5 Inspiring Elements Your Website Needs Now

When you’re creating and writing your own website, it’s easy to allow some website elements to fall through the cracks. But, to make the most of your website’s real estate, here are some elements you should consider.

Customer Testimonials

No one knows what you do better than your current or past customers. When your potential customer is considering whether or not to choose you, they’ll look for proof to help them decide. In fact, online reviews have been shown to impact 67.7% of purchasing decisions.

When you place customer testimonials front and center on your website, your customer will see proof almost instantly. It’s a good practice to add a few testimonials throughout your home page. You can also add a separate website page for testimonials that’s featured in your main navigation for easy viewing.

Unique 404 Redirect Error Page

When we say each space and page, we mean it. The 404 error page is often forgotten when websites are built. According to Hubspot, a 404 error is “a standard HTTP error message code that means the website you were trying to reach couldn’t be found on the server.” Most of the time, it means a website visitor typed in a URL incorrectly, or the website page was moved or removed.

This page is the perfect place to showcase your personality. You can customize the error message to fit your brand and add a photo to drive it home. Be sure to add links to other places on your website to give your customer other places to go. For example, allow them to visit the home page again or send them to your contact form.

Obvious & Compelling Call to Action

Is your home page call to action a hyperlink buried in your website copy? If so, your potential customers are probably missing it completely. The calls to action you create on your website should be obvious and compelling to inspire your customer to act. After all, what’s a call to action that doesn’t even whisper to your customer?

Try creating content blocks that stand out from your copy to place your calls to action in. You can also change their color. When writing them, be as specific as possible by telling your visitors exactly what to do. For example, “call us to learn more about our services”.

Team Biography Page

While online, your customers crave to see the humanity behind the technology. They want to better understand who they’ll be talking to and working with. A team biography page gives your customers an inside look before they even pick up the phone. Plus, it’s also a great place to showcase your team’s personality and the fun side of working with you.

You can create a team bio page by giving each team member space to talk about their passions, why they chose to work for you and a bit about their background. It’s a great idea to add a photo of each team member so your customer can put a face to their name later on.

Useful Page Footer

Your website’s footer is the block of content at the bottom of each page. The footer is prime real estate for your website and often forgotten. The key is to create a useful footer that helps your customer navigate your website, learn more about you and discover more about your business outside your website.

You can start by adding your contact information including a phone number. You can also add links to important parts of your website such as your about page, services page or contact page. Finally, add social media buttons to help your customers connect away from your website.

What Website Elements Are You Missing?

Are you missing any of these website elements? If so, it’s time to get to work. Do you feel like you’re missing even more? We’re here to help. To learn even more about your website, send us a message.

Erin Larson