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Why Choose Custom Content Solutions?

Custom Web Content Agency Serving Professionals

Custom Content Solutions LLC is a full-service web content agency. Based in Minnesota, USA, our team of experienced website copywriters serves a variety of businesses across the country and around the world. Cari O’Brien (Twitchell), lawyer-turned-writer, founded our agency in 2013 with the goals of helping professionals capture their unique voices and turn their messages into website content that converts. While we started out as a solo venture serving solopreneurs, we’ve grown into a content marketing agency that supports small businesses, marketing firms, and more. While our team size is small, we are big on connection. 

What You Can Expect From Us

Five differentiators make our custom web content agency different from other agencies and freelance writers:

  • Action: Have you tried to write your own website content or blog posts and gotten stuck? Or has your to-do list been staring you in the face for weeks (or…gasp…months)? Our team will get your project back on track and keep it moving at a proper pace to ensure your content project gets done. We don’t let projects stall—in fact, we work a clause into our contracts to ensure they do not.
  • Collaboration: We emphatically believe that great copy comes from collaborating with our clients. We start every new project out with an interview to learn what we need to know to create fully custom web copy. Then we work in tandem with our clients throughout the revisions process to get the copy just right.
  • Empathy: We know how to read people. And, thanks to our years in the industry, we know how to make each client’s unique selling points stand out. Moreover, we know how to take what we learn and use it to capture our clients’ voices clearly.
  • Optimization: Writing for the web is much like technical writing. It takes knowledge of SEO, copywriting, website usability and much more. We know all of this inside-out and will make sure your copy reflects it.
  • Personality: We love people! Seriously, it’s why we’re here. We love meeting new people, learning about new businesses with unique services, and sharing our love of content, Disney, SEO, Harry Potter, music, and more. Because, here’s the deal: If we want you to be real with us so we can write for you, we need to be real with you. Which means you get us in all our professional-yet-silly glory.

What You Won’t Find Here

We’re not huge on defining who you are by what you aren’t. Yet, it’s super important for us to let you know about two things we just don’t abide by here at Custom Content Solutions:

  • Ego: We think we’re darned good writers. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to get all uppity if you decide you like a different word than what we wrote. This is your message and your content. While we aim to deliver the best content the first time around, we embrace revisions to help make your copy sound even more like you.
  • Bureaucracy: You won’t get lost in a confusing mess, you won’t constantly be handed off to another employee who has no idea who you are, and you won’t run into a ton of red tape. We’re here to help—it’s as simple as that.

Contact Us to Find Your Voice Online

Don’t worry; the copy we deliver to you will not be flowery or alliteration-centric (unless that’s what you want, of course). But, it will capture the essence of who you are and what you do. Learn more by reaching out to our team; connect with us online or call us at 612-643-1824 today. We look forward to hearing from you!