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Zach West, Creative Word Nerd

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A Few of My Favorite Things

  • Book: On The Road by Jack Kerouac and The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty 
  • Musical: Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Movie: Die Hard, Home Alone, Jaws, Tommy Boy, Midnight in Paris, Wayne’s World, most Adam Sandler comedies, Star Wars and MCU, cheesy horror movies and historical/biblical epics
  • Coffeehouse Order: Americano with vanilla cream
  • Cocktail: Beer or a Big Ginger
  • Vacation spot: Ormand/Daytona Beach
  • Music: Anything with energy and a groove

The Values I Hold Dear

  • Enthusiasm
  • Perseverance
  • Respect
  • Humility
  • Discipline
  • Gratitude
  • Dependability
  • Punctuality

Top 5 StrengthsFinder Strengths

  • Adaptability
  • Developer
  • Responsibility
  • Empathy
  • Individualization

Meet Zach West

Hello, I’m the writer with the shorter name at CCS. (For real, I took Maria’s name and ran it through the Hemingway App. 😏) Fun fact: I was given the nickname “Zest” in high school and I now have it tattooed on my arm. Yes, really.

Why I’m a Copywriter

When I was a boy… (Yes, that’s a Daredevil reference. It’s a great show! Now streaming on Disney+*). 

Anyway, when I was a teenager I was doing the whole, “I don’t know what I wanna do with my life!” schtick. My mom told me she went to high school with a guy who was a copywriter for Budweiser commercials and some of them were played during the Super Bowl.

“That’s great, Mom. So?”

“You should go into that industry. You like writing and I think you’d be good at it.”

“Yeah, okay, Mom,” I responded while rolling my eyes and promptly ignoring her advice like any proper teenager would.

Turns out my mom was onto something. Fast-forward a whole bunch of years and I’m a copywriter and loving it. (You were right, Mom. 😉)

So, why do I do this for a living? Because I love communicating and sharing stories! No, I haven’t created a Super Bowl beer commercial (yet!). But I get to write all day, every day, and that’s pretty cool.

Quick Facts About Me

  • Running: I run every day except Sunday. 5K races are a blast and are my personal favorites. (Ask me about the time I ran one in a full turkey costume.)
  • Guitar/bass: I play these instruments. I’m alright and have fun.
  • Wife, daughter, dog: I’m fortunate to have these three in my life.

That’s enough about me. Let’s talk about you!

Words Made to Order

You need something written—that’s where I come in. Give me a few bullet points and I’ll turn it into a blog. Tell me about your product or service and I’ll craft you a web page. Or, say nothing and I’ll come up with something on my own. I’m resourceful like that!

Interested in working with Custom Content Solutions? Send us a message or call the office directly at 612-643-1824.

*We dig Disney here, but no, we aren’t affiliates. 😆