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AI Writing Tools: There Are Better Ways to Save Time

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is all the rage (is that still an acceptable phrase?) in every industry, including marketing. In fact, did you know that some companies are using robots to write website content?


Image shows the robot from the Jetsons

Not the robots you may remember from The Jetsons or Transformers, but AI writing tools. These tools take human input and use it to create AI-generated content such as blog posts and ads.

It’s true that AI writing tools may save you some time when it comes to content creation. But at what cost? And is it worth it?

HINT: There’s a better way. If you’re struggling with content creation, reach out to our team.

Google Says AI-Generated Content Is Against Their Guidelines

What’s the purpose of content creation? Here, we believe that content is first used to connect with and inspire your audience. This isn’t possible without optimizing your content for search, however. How else will your audience find your content online?

Search engine optimization (SEO) and content creation go hand in hand. And for Google, AI-generated content doesn’t cut it.

In a recent interview, John Mueller, a Search Advocate for Google, was asked about his thoughts regarding AI-generated content. His answer? For Google, content created in this way is considered automatically generated content which “is still against the Webmaster Guidelines.” As a result, it would be considered spam.

Yes, spam. 

Google crawls websites and content to find potential spam. If spam is detected, the content is demoted in search. That’s bad news for companies trying to use content as a successful marketing tool.

Content created via AI writing tools could potentially have a negative effect on your business website. Instead of helping you rise in rank for the sake of connecting with those who need you the most, it could drive you further down. And that’s a waste of time, energy and cash.

4 Ways to Save Time Other Than Using AI Writing Tools

Listen, we know that content creation takes time. And we know that’s why many businesses choose to use these AI writing tools—to reduce time spent on content creation tasks. But if the resulting content pulls you farther away from your goals, then it’s time to try something else.

There are better ways to save time. As experienced content writers, we’ve got this down to a science. Here are some of our top tips.

1. Cut Down Your Brainstorming Time

One of the most time-consuming pieces of the content creation puzzle is brainstorming ideas for new copy such as blog posts and lead magnets. To save time, we recommend using the resources already available to you.

  • Search for guides: A quick search online will deliver endless guides that offer blog post ideas and more. Looking for one right now? Check out 40 Must-Write Blog Post Ideas (Plus, a Brainstorming Guide).
  • Check out Reddit and Quora: Reddit and Quora are social platforms made for conversation. And chances are, your audience is discussing your industry inside these forums. Search for a keyword you use and take note of any questions or concerns you see that you could answer or eliminate via content.
  • Look at industry blogs: Search for other blogs written by leaders in your industry to see what type of content they’re creating. Please don’t copy—only use what you find as inspiration.

2. Batch Your Content

Jumping from task to task can result in lost productivity, especially when it comes to creating content. Batching is a great way to keep yourself focused and generate enough ideas for weeks to come.

There are many ways you can batch your content. Start by scheduling a couple of hours on your calendar this week just for content creation. Use this time to batch write all of your social media posts. Or, write 2-3 blog posts for the next couple of weeks.

3. Turn to Your Existing Content

We know you’ve created some awesome content in the past. And you should lean on it when developing new content. You know what they say…there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Content is easy to repurpose.

For example, take one of your blog posts and create multiple social media posts from it. Or, take a blog post and add a bit more copy and some design elements to make a printable guide for your audience.

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4. Reduce Your Content Quantity

The old school thought, “the more content I can create the better,” doesn’t work. No one should be creating content for the sake of creating it. Instead, you should put all of your energy into producing quality content instead of focusing on quantity.

One highly valuable, insight-rich blog post every two weeks is better than several that were thrown together.

Take a look at your current content demands and see where you could reduce quantity for quality. Perhaps you could reduce your Facebook posts to once a day instead of two. Or, maybe you could send a full email newsletter once a quarter instead of once a month.

Need Help With Content Creation? We’re Here for You.

Our final tip? Outsource your content creation. Sometimes, there’s just not enough time in the day. 

If you’re struggling with creating marketing copy for your business, we have a proven process to help you create content that connects and converts. Better yet, you can be completely hands-off if you choose.

To learn more about outsourcing your content, send us a message.

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