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The Importance of Understanding Your Niche & How to Define It

Reading Time: 3 minutes Most successful businesses have something in common: they’re unique. Sounds like an oxymoron, right? Yet, these businesses have discovered how to serve their customers in a way only they can by defining their niche. In a world where hundreds of business owners are marketing similar

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How to Streamline the Content Creation Process

Reading Time: 4 minutes As a creative agency, you juggle many moving parts. You’re responsible for handling client intake, managing your team, and ensuring content deliverables are on time and on point. Without a clear process, tasks can—and will—fall through the cracks. Keep your team on target and avoid

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The Importance of a Brand Style Guide & What to Include Inside

Reading Time: 3 minutes Regardless of the brand of bandages or soda you purchase at the store, you probably refer to them as band-aids and coke. Why? Both Band-Aid and Coca-Cola have used seamless and consistent branding to increase their brand visibility, earning them household-name status. Here’s a secret…

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How to Onboard a New Copywriter

Reading Time: 4 minutes You scanned applications until your eyes glazed over. You read writing samples, viewed portfolios and completed reference calls. Now, you have the perfect copywriter to add to your agency—and they’ve accepted the position. Congratulations! Now it’s time to dive into onboarding your new copywriter. “Each

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How to Define Your Writing Style

Reading Time: 5 minutes “Style is to forget all styles.” – Jules Renard The word “style” as a noun means “a manner of doing something.” As a verb, it means “to make in a particular form.” Either way you put it; style is distinctive. It stands out. Just as

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