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How to Write Website Copy With Personality

Reading Time: 3 minutes Your website is just that—yours. You’re a unique individual with a business that delivers services in a way no one else can. Sure, your website should be informative and speak to the benefits of your service. It should also be a place where your audience

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5 Ways to Sabotage Your Website Content Project

Reading Time: 4 minutes You did it! You committed to giving yourself and your company the website of your dreams—the website you deserve. To get your site done right, you brought on a team of experts to help. One of those experts is an experienced website copywriter who you’ve

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Less is more in SEO

Does “Less Is More” Work In SEO Copywriting?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do many words on a page speak louder than a few? When it comes to writing website content, the argument about “how many words are enough” comes up time and again.  And, in fact, the word-count discussion has been around much longer than that. Shakespeare

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All About Personas: Why and How to Create Them

Reading Time: 3 minutes When you write content for your website and your blog, who are you writing it for? If you answered by saying, “my audience”, you’re only partially correct. You see, speaking to a general audience is a bit too broad. The only way to generate qualified

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