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How to Hire a Copywriter in 2021

Reading Time: 4 minutes Work tends to pile up, especially in an agency environment. If you feel you can no longer keep up with your many customer copywriting projects, it’s time to bring on some writing help. Although hiring a new copywriter can feel overwhelming, you’ll find the tools

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Dear Marketing Experts, Connection in Content Isn’t a Trend

Reading Time: 3 minutes Every January, we’re met with seemingly endless blog posts, e-newsletters, infographics, you name it that list the new year’s marketing predictions. These pieces of web content typically include numerous quotes and insights from fellow experts in the industry. They’re also super fun and informative to

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Must-Have Content #3: Whitepapers & Epic Content

Reading Time: 4 minutes “That’s totally epic!” Did you just get transported back to hair scrunchies and bomber jackets? We’ll tell you one thing, although that phrase is past its prime, epic content is not. And if you’re not prioritizing epic content—also known as long-form content—your content strategy might as well

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