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Must-Have Content #2: FAQ Pages

Reading Time: 3 minutes Welcome to part two of our three-part blog series on key types of content you should include in your content marketing strategy. This week, we’re talking about a piece of content that’s a powerhouse for both optimization and the customer experience: the FAQ page. Read

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Hire Your Dream Copywriter: The Application Process

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hiring someone new is exciting! But what about writing the job posting? The reviewing of tens or hundreds of applications? Holding all of those initial screenings? Not so much. As small business owners or hiring managers, we often want to push through the administrative portions

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Must-Have Content #1: E-Newsletters

Reading Time: 3 minutes As a business owner, you’re constantly having to plan for all the amazing (and, admit it, all the mundane) things you’re going to do in your business. While you’re working hard at this, please don’t forget your content strategy. It’s crucial for the success of

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