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team reading content strategy white board

Is Content Marketing Worth It?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Three social media accounts to manage. Two videos to produce. A podcast to record. A lead magnet to edit and publish. Two blog posts that haven’t even been started yet… Sound familiar? If you’ve jumped into the deep end of content marketing it might. When

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Gargoyles with eyes covered, mouth covered and ears covered.

5 Content Marketing Lies That Are Holding You Back

Reading Time: 5 minutes Sometimes, the marketing industry sounds a bit like a crowded room (or one of those monkeys with the cymbals who’s had a good night’s sleep). There’s so much noise coming from every corner, telling you how content marketing should be. There’s also noise coming from

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Disney's magic kingdom

Magical Marketing Lessons Learned From Disney Songs

Reading Time: 4 minutes Do you know what else is magical? Music! Especially songs straight from our favorite Disney films. Your favorite animated film can teach you a lot. If you listen closely enough, you may also learn a thing or two about marketing. So, grab your hairbrush microphone

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one wooden chess piece facing a group of the exact same pieces

Speak Your Audience’s Language in Your Website Copy

Reading Time: 3 minutes The true definition of generic is a characteristic of or relating to a class or group of things; not specific. In other words, generic copy is copy that could be written for any audience, not specifically yours. Why does that matter so much? It’s impossible

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Google logo with smiley face for the letter "o"s

How to Make Google Smile With Your Website Content

Reading Time: 3 minutes Smiling’s one of our favorite things to do around here, right behind laughing until tea spills from our noses. We also enjoy making other people smile with our work. Not only do we want happy customers, but we also want a giddy Google. That’s a

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