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Contact Page Best Practices & Tips to Increase Website Conversions

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Each page on your website should have a call to action (CTA) that inspires visitors to connect with you. Beyond each page’s CTA, your website must include a Contact page, one of the most frequently visited pages on business websites.

6 Best Practices for Writing Your Contact Page

Your Contact page has one job: to give your website visitors the opportunity to reach out to you. That’s it. No more, no less. That is the most important to remember when writing the copy for your Contact page. Along with that, be sure to take note of these six best practices.

1. Make Your Contact Page Easy to Find

As one of the most visited pages on a business website, your Contact page must be easy to find. Many websites feature the Contact page at the far right of the top navigation. And yes, there’s a reason for it. According to psychology and the “serial position effect,” most people remember the first and last words in a list over the rest.

2. Keep it Short & Sweet

Your Contact page shouldn’t be visually complicated. If your visitor clicks on this page, they’re there for one reason and one reason only: to find out how to contact you. Chances are, they’ve already read the other pages on your website such as your About page and your Services page. Their mind is made up and it’s time to deliver what they want with simplicity.

3. Include a Summary of Who You Serve & Where

Include a quick, short paragraph that summarizes who you are and who you serve. Make sure to add location information so they know your service area. This helps communicate who you are to visitors who landed on your Contact page directly and solidify the decision for those who clicked through your website.

4. Use a Contact Form

The easiest way for a potential customer to reach out is by filling out a form. As you create your contact form, keep these tips in mind:

  • Keep it simple: Too many fields scare visitors away. Likewise, forms that use only a few fields often gain more conversions. Require just the bare minimum (e.g., name and email address) and then leave room for a message.
  • Be clear in what you’re asking for: Always ask for specific information in each text field label, either inside the field itself or on top of the field. For instance, say “First Name” or “Full Name” instead of “Name.”
  • Try different button text: While “Submit” works, there’s room for something different here. For instance, words such as “Click Here” and “Go” are often more successful, offering up to a 30% increase in conversions. Experiment until you find something that works best for you.

5. Provide Your Contact Information

Not all visitors prefer to fill out an online form. On your Contact page, clearly indicate your additional contact information such as business address and phone number. Format your phone number as “click-to-call” to make calling you even simpler for mobile users.

When providing your business’s contact information, it’s imperative that you follow one format—and that you use that format wherever you place your contact information on the web. The preferred format? NAP!

Phone Number

6. Keep Your Visitor’s Eyes on the Prize

Don’t place anything on your Contact page that could lead your visitors off the page. For example, don’t include any links to other pages on your site. Don’t use any other call to action aside from “Contact Us!” If you must include links to social media on your Contact page, put those buttons below the fold, beneath the form and the call to action.

Write a Contact Page That Converts With Our Contact Page Cheat Sheet

A well-written and simply designed Contact page will make it easy for your potential customers to reach out. As you create your Contact page, keep our Contact Page Cheat Sheet handy.

Your Contact Page Is the Ultimate Call to Action

By following these Contact page best practices and tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a page that connects with your audience and converts them into viable leads. To learn more about Contact page creation, reach out to our team today.

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