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Content Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading

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Whether you’re an experienced content marketer or the owner of a small business just getting started, you can never know too much. In fact, reading what the experts in the field have to say can give you the competitive edge you need to create useful and compelling content for your audience. Plus, there’s nothing like a good read to get your creative juices flowing.

8 Blogs to Add to Your Reading List Now

There are literally thousands of blogs online that feature content on all things marketing. However, there are some blogs that continue to make an impact with each piece of content they post. These blogs are not only worth reading, but they also offer innumerable nuggets of invaluable wisdom, no matter your level of experience.

So, grab your favorite beverage and a warm blanket, then sit back and enjoy a nice read from these amazing blogs.

1.     Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute is your one-stop shop for all things content marketing. From predictions about the coming year to tips and tricks to take your marketing to the next level, the Content Marketing Institute blog has it all. Add in their special how-to guides and this is a resource you’ll want to keep on hand always.

2.     HubSpot

Known for their online courses, HubSpot is a leader in amazing content marketing. The HubSpot Blog delivers their expertise in bite-sized pieces, perfect for both the aspiring and seasoned marketer. They focus on three content areas—Marketing, Sales and Service—so you can have expert advice in every area of business.

3.     Copyblogger

The Copyblogger blog is so much more than content about blogging. In fact, if it’s about content, using data, business productivity or selling to your target audience, you can find it here. Plus, Copyblogger’s blog design is super easy to navigate and beautiful to look at.

4.     Heidi Cohen

Are you a solopreneur? Heidi Cohen’s blog is perfect for you. Even if you’re not, Heidi’s content showcases her knowledge on content marketing, social media marketing and all things content strategy. Plus, we love that she’s not afraid to also showcase her personality.

5.     Convince and Convert

If Jay Baer’s plaid suit isn’t enough to make you smile, his blog on Convince and Convert will. This blog dives deep into content trends, fascinating content marketing statistics, and tips and tricks on improving your content in all areas. Convince and Convert’s content is actionable, promising you’ll gain critical insights with each read.

6.     TopRank

The TopRank blog focuses on content marketing success. From debunking marketing myths to providing predictions about the future of content, TopRank’s blog is a treasure trove of insight. Each post is chock full of actionable advice delivered in an educational and engaging way.

7.     Seth Godin

We can’t simply create this list without mentioning the quirky leader in content marketing, Seth Godin. His blog is nothing short of entertaining and educational. Using real-life scenarios and his own unique style, Seth delivers marketing advice like no one else. From 100-word thoughts to in-depth guide posts, Seth’s blog is a daily must-read.

8.     Moz

If you’ve done any quick digging for SEO help, you might know Moz. The Moz blog is your home for online marketing how-tos and SEO inspiration. This blog features the industry’s top wizards, delivering research, advice and insights to help you grow your business.

Bonus: E-Newsletters We Love

Beyond the blog, we also enjoy subscribing to e-newsletters, so we can receive the unique insights directly to our inboxes. Here are two ofour faves:

  • Total Annarchy by Ann Handley: The name says it all. This is a joy to receive in our inbox twice a month. From useful ideas to inspirational writing, marketing tools and beyond, Ann shares it all.
  • SEO Copywriting Buzz by Heather Lloyd-Martin: Want snack-sized SEO writing tips delivered to your inbox every single Tuesday? This one’s for you. HeatherLloyd-Martin delivers insights to your inbox that are fun and free from jumbled industry jargon.

Want Even More Inspiration?

Sometimes, you need more than inspiration to help kickwriter’s block or relieve the stress of creating content for your website. Wecan help! Feel free to check out our blog for tips and tricks or send us a message with your questions!

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