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Content Writers & Subject Matter Experts: A Match Made in Marketing Heaven

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Our writers are great at writing for the internet, optimizing content, creating copy that connects and converts, and so much more. But, we’ll never claim to be experts in quantum physics or ice fishing (listen we know we’re based in Minnesota, but that doesn’t mean we all go ice fishing). And we still don’t know why the chicken crossed the road.

The good news is, we don’t have to know everything about every niche to write content that performs well for our customers. Yes, you read that right.

As content writers, we know how to ask the right questions and get down to the nitty-gritty of what matters to an audience. For the rest, we lean on those who know their industries inside and out: the subject matter experts (SMEs).

Whether you’re an agency owner or the manager of a marketing team, hear us out: your content writers need access to these experts. Let’s dive in deeper.

Content Writers: The Strategic Storytellers

Website content should capture the attention of potential customers and convert them into loyal customers. This process involves everything from getting to know their needs to understanding what type of content resonates with them the most. Finally, the content must be written in a way that inspires them to act.

This is the role of a content writer. They are strategic storytellers, working to understand and communicate what truly matters about a company’s products or services. This goes far beyond understanding technical product features and processes.

[Call-Out] The content writer’s job is to uncover the best way to connect with an audience and create the necessary copy to do so.

SMEs: The Knowledgeable Guides

Website content should also be accurate and hyper-specific to each company’s audience, no matter how technical or niche the product or service. This is where the SME comes in.

SMEs know everything there is to know about a company and the products or services it provides. If it’s software, they know the features inside and out. If it’s legal services, they know the law. 

[Call-Out] SMEs are the knowledgeable guides, leading content writers to the truth they need to communicate accurately and with confidence.

Together: The Perfect Match for Informative & Creative Website Content

Without an SME, content writers may develop copy that leaves out the specific and intricate details about a company’s products or services. And without a content writer, SMEs miss out on the creativity and connection that drives conversions.

[Call-Out] When content writers and SMEs come together, the result is informative and creative website content that truly speaks to a company’s audience. 

How to Engage SMEs in Your Content Creation Process

For the best website content results, content writers should have access to SMEs whenever possible. Here are some tips for engaging SMEs during your content writing process:

  1. Determine the availability of SMEs from the get-go: At the beginning of each client project, it’s best to determine if SMEs will be available throughout the project. If so, great! If not, you’ll want to discuss other methods of info gathering. For example, will they provide documentation about their products or services? Can they swing one content interview to go over critical product or service details? Now is the time to advocate for your content writers, explaining the importance of information in the content writing process.
  2. Consider an SME interview for each new content piece: If SMEs are available, we recommend working an interview into your process for each new content piece. This helps your content writer focus on one project at a time, which is especially important when dealing with complex subject matter. Plus, shorter, consistent interviews are easier to plan when working with busy SMEs.
  3. Provide talking points to SMEs before interviews: To make the most of the time with an SME, we encourage you to provide talking points via email before any interviews. For those that are in the trenches day in and day out, explaining the basics of a product or service may not come easy. Providing talking points gives your SME time to think and prepare instead of requiring them to riff while on the call.

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