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A Message for Our Community [COVID-19 Response]

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March 24, 2020

To our team, clients, partners and greater community,

My goodness, we’re on quite the roller coaster ride, aren’t we? The ups and downs, uncertainties and fears that COVID-19 have brought into our lives are beyond what I had ever imagined possible.  

I’m not going to lie. When things started to escalate in the US and specifically here in Minnesota, I completely lost my way. I couldn’t focus. I couldn’t function. I couldn’t see a way forward.

It’s taken me nearly 10 days to climb out of the darkness that enshrouded me.  But I’m starting to see my way through. And I’m beginning to understand why I faltered.

It comes down to forced isolation…the social distancing that extends well beyond my normal work-from-home life.

This massive shift in our world shook me to my core. You see, I live and breathe on connection. I’m an extrovert. I’m a hugger. These policies put up walls around freedoms that I had taken for granted.  And I felt like I couldn’t share how I was feeling because it would be a sign of weakness from someone who is supposed to be leading. (You can see I’ve gotten over that thought, though. ?)

So, hey, if you’re struggling due to COVID-19 in any or many of the same ways I have (and still am), please know I see you. You are not alone. We will get through this, together.

But this isn’t just a message about how I’ve struggled personally with this pandemic. It’s also about how Custom Content Solutions is working through it.

Yes, We’re Open for Business

I believe that what matters most in life is always your health and your family first. Everything else comes secondary. This means my company has embraced even greater flexibility than what we’ve had in place before. Yes, we’re a fully virtual team. But we’ve always worked on the same schedule. Now, we’re working at random intervals and checking in daily via video conference while also taking care of our families and homeschooling our children.

So does this mean it is business as usual for us? Not quite.

We are still open. Projects are moving forward. But we may take a little longer to respond to emails and voice messages. Our timelines may need to be extended based on availability. But I can promise you that we’ll always communicate where we stand and that we’ll set reasonable expectations outright.

It also means we’re seeking additional ways to support our community. We’re present daily in our Facebook group, Content That Connects. In there, we’re talking about content, of course. But we’re also talking about tools to use when working remotely. We’re sharing resources that we believe can help you through this time.

I’m going live in the group at least once a week. Is it possible that you’ll see me in my favorite Disney hoodie? Absolutely. Will you potentially hear my son or husband in the background? Sure. It’s the reality we’re living in today, and it doesn’t help anyone to pause what we’re doing or to show something that isn’t real simply because things are different.

We’ve also instituted a fun game on our Facebook page that asks, “Where in the Fictional World Is CCS?” What started out as a fictional jaunt around the real world has turned into a fantastical journey each week into some of our favorite stories. Every Friday, we post a silly (fully Photoshopped) photo of our core team in a location we’re drawn to. Join us and be the first to guess correctly! (Yes, we know this is an absolutely nerdy thing to do. But, hey, we’re Word Nerds. If the shoe fits…) ?

Additionally, we’re seeking ways to keep ourselves educated and to offer greater learning experiences for you. From continuing to prepare our course, Write That Site®, for launch to sharing other courses, books and related materials, we want you to have at your fingertips every opportunity that can help lead you through this difficult time and into a profitable future.

Yes, We’re Here for You

I hope this message finds you and yours well. And I hope you know you have us cheering you on from the sidelines. This isn’t an easy time, but if there’s any way we can help make it easier, know we’ve got you.

Whether you have questions about remote working, copywriting or marketing, or anything business related for that matter, please contact us.



Cari Twitchell
Chief Word Nerd & Founder

Cari O'Brien

Founder & Chief Word Nerd
Cari has been providing content marketing services to businesses for over 15 years. She writes and speaks frequently about brand messaging, SEO copywriting and audience-focused copy. She’s the creator of the Connection Copywriting Method and the online writing course, Write that Site®.

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