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Crafting Compelling CTAs: Inspire Your Audience to Take the Next Step

Reading Time: 4 minutes

You need compelling CTAs if you want to increase conversions on your website, blog, social media and beyond, plain and simple. Need proof? Take a look at these call-to-action stats:

Moreover, you need to go further than a simple CTA button or link. Although that’s better than zero CTA at all, personalized calls to action perform 202% better than basic ones. Take the time to personally craft each CTA, considering your audience and the push they need to take action.

Types of CTAs & Their Specific Uses

CTAs are flexible tools for inspiring action from your audience, which includes various types of individuals such as new visitors, current customers and leads. There’s a CTA to meet each of them right where they are.

Here are four of the most common CTAs:

  • Lead gathering: Most of the time, lead-gathering CTAs inspire readers to download a lead magnet in exchange for their contact information.
  • Further learning: These CTAs often perform best when placed on your blog. For example, you may only display the first paragraph of a new blog post on your main website. By placing a “Learn More” or “Read More” button underneath, readers journey to your blog for the entire post.
  • Service discovery: According to HubSpot, the service discovery CTA helps readers learn more about what you offer in a simpler way. For example, you might have a new service to offer your audience. On your website, you can add a CTA call-out box readers can click to learn more.
  • Social: Want your visitors to check out your social media profiles to learn more? Tell them! Your social CTA might include platform icons or a quick CTA asking them to share your content on their own social.

How to Write a Compelling CTA

Just like anything worth doing, writing compelling CTAs requires practice. In its most basic form, the CTA-writing process includes three easy steps.

  1. Decide what you want your audience to do. Do you want visitors to your site to pick up the phone and call you? Or would you prefer they download your new eBook so you can gather their email address for your email list? Consider your goals first to build the backbone of your CTA.
  2. Communicate why they should do it. Why should your reader click that button or call that number? Clearly communicate what they’ll receive in the CTA—but remember to keep it short and simple.
  3. Add some inspiration.CTAs should always include power words to inspire your audience to act. And make your CTA stand out from the rest of your copy by using call-out boxes, pop-ups, headings and more.

Five Examples of Inspiring CTAs

You can create CTAs for your website using your own personality, brand style and voice. Although they’re simple, there’s so much you can do. Take it from these brands using CTAs to inspire their own audiences.

1. Netflix

Netflix uses its main CTA to generate free trials of its streaming service. This is pretty much the only thing on the page, drawing their audience’s attention. Plus, they show examples of available movie and series titles in the background to inspire their audience to “See what’s next.”

2. Spotify

To generate downloads of its music streaming service, Spotify’s CTA simply asks visitors to “Get Spotify Free.” It’s simple, straightforward and a different color, drawing attention. Spotify also reminds visitors that you don’t need a credit card to sign up and you get access to millions of songs—for free.

3. Uber

Uber wants more website visitors to sign-up and drive. In its CTA, Uber clearly states what new drivers receive should they take advantage of their offer. It also makes sure the sign-up button stands out from the rest of the copy.

4. Square

Check out Square’s use of whitespace to draw attention to its main CTA. The sign-up button color helps the CTA stand out and the supporting text clearly states that new users will grow their business their way using Square’s tools. Plus, “grow” is a great power word.

5. Trivago

Trivago’s CTA immediately inspires visitors to do what they came to the website for: to search for available hotels. There’s a ton of whitespace, the search button stands out from the rest of the copy and the CTA communicates what visitors can expect from their search.

Inspire Your Audience to Act Using Our CTA Creation Guide

Do you want to start inspiring your audience to take further action on your website? We’ve put together a simple guide that will help you create a compelling CTA every single time.

Start Writing CTAs That Your Audience Can’t Ignore

You got them to your website, now it’s time to inspire your audience to take advantage of what you offer. To learn more about writing engaging, click-worthy CTAs or for help with writing copy that inspires and converts, send us a message.

Erin Larson