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Dear Marketing Experts, Connection in Content Isn’t a Trend

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Every January, we’re met with seemingly endless blog posts, e-newsletters, infographics, you name it that list the new year’s marketing predictions. These pieces of web content typically include numerous quotes and insights from fellow experts in the industry. They’re also super fun and informative to read.

Recently, we came across a few posts predicting empathy and emotion would be a major theme this year as a way to connect with customers.

Connection is now a trend, prediction, or theme for the new year? We don’t think so. As a content agency that’s passionate about underlining the importance of humanity in your copy, we can’t let this one slide.

Humans Have Always Craved Connection

Empathy and connection aren’t new tactics—they’re age-old aspects of what makes us human. As babies, we crave skin-to-skin contact. As adults, we crave laughing with a friend over an inside joke and a cup of coffee. We want to belong, be heard, and be loved.

Connection is serious—and science backs it up. For example, scientific studies have shown an increase in death among those with low quantity and quality of social relationships. In fact, studies show a 50% increased likelihood of survival for those with stronger relationships.

Buying Decisions Are Emotional, Not Rational

Before making a purchase or trying to choose between two different products or services, many of us try to consider the pros and cons. We often think we make purchasing decisions based on price or practicality. The truth is these decisions are most often emotional, not rational.

Roughly 18 years ago, long before the 2021 predictions, Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman’s research found that 95% of all decision-making happens in the subconscious mind. This research is still used and accepted today.

The takeaway? Marketing must connect with a customer on a deeper level to inspire a purchase, and it is past time we make that connection a priority.

Effective Marketing Isn’t Capturing Another Lead or Getting Another Sale

It’s easy to look at marketing only through the lens of business growth. What marketing tactics will get me another sale? What can I do to increase leads? And while these are important questions to ask, your customers want to be more than just another sale, lead or number.

Your customers want to be seen and heard. They want you to show them how much you appreciate their loyalty by offering the best customer experience possible. They want you to speak to them via your marketing materials, not about them.

SEO tactics, expertly created marketing funnels, and shiny lead magnets are the tools you use for carrying your message. They’ll only get you so far on their own. If our messages are not tailored to speak to our audiences and our marketing efforts don’t seek to build true connection, we’re missing the mark.

Ready to Connect With Your Customer Through Content? Let Us Help!

Connection isn’t a trend—it’s a practice you must prioritize in your digital marketing efforts. If you’re struggling with connecting with your customers through your content, we can help. Send us a message!

Erin Larson