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Do You Need to Hire a JD to Write Your Legal Marketing Content?

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Every industry requires marketing content created for the sole purpose of connecting with others. The legal industry is no exception. As an attorney, legal marketing content such as website copy and blog posts can help you reach potential clients, gain their trust and inspire them to convert.

Yet, what busy attorney has the time to develop high-quality marketing content? For many, it makes sense to outsource this task to a qualified copywriter. But can you trust any copywriter to put together legal-specific content? More specifically, do you need to hire a JD to write your marketing copy?

Hiring a Content Writer With a JD Isn’t a Requirement

You don’t need a writer with a JD or even legal experience to create legal marketing copy.

There’s a short-and-sweet reason why you don’t need a JD to write your legal website content: Your copywriter’s job isn’t to write about the law. Their job is to learn about what you do, why you do it and what makes you different from your competition. 

With this information and some additional legal research, your writer can create marketing content that connects with your ideal clients and grows your business.

But is it nice to have a writer with a JD? Of course! 

JD copywriters have been where you are. They speak your language and know your world. They also know what it’s like to work with clients and what those clients are searching for online. Rest assured, however, that an experienced copywriter with any background can do the same with a bit of input and support from you.

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Avoid Offloading Your Content Marketing Tasks

We’ve spoken to attorneys who simply want to offload their website copy or blog project and be hands-off throughout. After all, it’s just another task to complete, right?

Goodness, no! Offloading and walking away is something you should never do. Content assets are key marketing tools for your firm and should be written with your input. After all, you know your firm and clients best.

To be hands-off means you’ll likely be making a costly mistake by developing marketing assets that sound like everyone else and provide little value to your audience.

Your Website & Legal Marketing Content Is Your Responsibility

At the end of the day, your marketing collateral is yours and yours alone. This means you must review any copy created for clarity, consistency and accuracy. 

You must also request any revisions necessary to ensure you’re complying with local rules and that you’re not misrepresenting yourself or what you do. And this is true whether your copywriter is a JD or not.

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Need Legal Marketing Content? We Can Help!

Whether or not you hire a JD writer to create your legal marketing content is up to you. The most important thing is to find a copywriter that can create content that connects with your ideal clients and communicates who you are.

The team at CCS can do just that. And, bonus—our team includes experienced JD writers, too. Let us help you develop inspiring legal marketing content. Send us a message!

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