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Evergreen Content: Creating Copy That Never Goes Out of Style

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Remember those baggy pants and wallet chains from the 90s? And those leg warmers from the 80s? These things had their day in the sun. (And, my goodness, was it fun!)

Just like these fashion trends, some online content comes and goes. While it served a purpose once, it no longer does. For example, a news article from even a year ago has probably lost its relevance. And when the only content you feature on your website should’ve gone “Bye, Bye, Bye” like N*SYNC did years ago*…your audience will grow bored. A bored audience = no audience.

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The key is to create evergreen content that never “goes out of style.”

What Is Evergreen Content?

As we know in Minnesota, evergreen trees stay beautiful and green throughout each season. Your content should do the same. Solid evergreen content will remain relevant, consistently generating traffic and leads no matter when it was published.

How to Create Evergreen Content That Never Loses Its Fresh Factor

While not all content must live on in perpetuity, most of the topics you choose and the content you create must be evergreen in nature. How do you do it?

Start With Research

Here, you’re looking not for trendy topics but for topics that have gained positive interest over time. To do this, you’ll want to do some basic research. Take a moment to make a list of potential topics for your website, then, enter those topics into Google Trends.

This tool will show you the interest on that topic over time. If it looks consistent, it’s probably an evergreen topic. Here are some examples:

A screenshot of a cell phone

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A screenshot of a social media post

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As you can see, blogging is a topic that seems to be consistently relevant. As for Tiger King, you can see where he really took off—and where he dropped.

Use Evergreen Content Forms

With topics in hand, it’s time for content creation. Certain content forms never go out of style, such as:

  • Website pages
  • Videos
  • Listicles (list-based blog posts)
  • How-to blog posts
  • eBooks

This doesn’t mean you have to avoid other forms of content on your website. You must always put your effort into the content forms your audience wants most. Just be sure the topic and content inside are evergreen and you’ll be good to go.

Don’t Forget Website Content Maintenance

Now, chances are, you have some content on your website that’s no longer relevant or needs updating. We recommend going through and updating your website at least quarterly to reflect any changes. (There’s no need to delete the content you already have—update it instead!)

Need Fresh Content? We Can Help!

Fresh content can do wonders for your content marketing strategy. If you’re struggling with creating evergreen content for your business, we can help. Reach out to our team of Word Nerds by sending us a message.

*Disclaimer: We cannot tell a lie. We still groove to N*SYNC. (And Backstreet Boys. And Boyz II Men. And NKOTB. And… well, you get the idea.)

Erin Larson