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How to Turn Your Tired Services Page Into a Conversion Machine

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Do you know which website page your audience visits most, after your Homepage? 

Here at CCS, our Services page grabs the second-highest number of pageviews based on our analytics. As a service-based business, we’re not surprised.

If your analytics tell the same story, you’ll want to ensure your Services page conveys the right message. Remember, you only have mere seconds to make a lasting impression on your audience. That means your Services page must pack a punch. 

Now be honest… When was the last time you updated your website’s Services page? (No shade here, promise!) If it’s been a while, you might be missing out on critical conversions for your business.

How to Use Copy to Increase Services Page Conversions

To use this powerhouse page as a catalyst for growing your business, it’s time to do some copy work. Don’t worry—we’ll guide you through it.

Important Note

Depending on your industry or niche, your Services page might be called something else like “Solutions”, “What We Do” or “Practice Areas”. The methods here work regardless.

1. Speak Directly to Your Customer

Sure, your Services page is about the services you offer to your customers. Yet, it shouldn’t be focused on you. Instead, you should speak directly to your customers. Here are some tips:

  • Use “you”: We always recommend using “you” in copy to speak to the reader. It helps them place themselves in your message and builds the connection required for conversion.
  • Speak their language: Explain your services as if you were talking about them in a conversation with your best friend. Take your customer persona into consideration and speak the way your audience wants to be spoken to.
  • Alleviate their fears: Is there anything that might hinder a potential customer from reaching out to you? For example, are they concerned about the cost of your services or time required? Alleviate those fears by answering their questions and fulfilling their needs in your copy.

Real-World Example: Us!

Image showcases an example of the content on Custom Content Solutions' Services page

Here at CCS, we care deeply about connecting with our audience. That’s why we use “you” in our copy and make sure our message is tailored to fit those who benefit from our services the most.

2. Focus on the Benefits—Not the Features

It’s easy to dive into a list of features for each of your services such as what’s included or the tangible items your customer will receive. Yet, your customers want to know how their life will change after working with you. 

You must focus on the benefits of your services instead of the features. Here are some questions to consider for each service you provide:

  • What problem does this service solve for my customer?
  • What transformation does this service deliver?
  • What fear or anxiety does this service alleviate?

Important Note

Focusing on the benefits in your Services page copy will speak to the “why” and not the “how”.

Real-World Example: Lumen

Image shows an example of Lumen's Services page, showcasing how they're illustrated the benefits of their services instead of the features
Source: Lumen

Lumen, an enterprise technology service provider, has the benefits-over-features mindset down pat. Even though you can see the features involved in their service clearly, they also explain what you can expect from each one.

For example, they offer edge computing to improve latency. The company offers connected security to reduce detection time for attacks. As a bonus, they highlight the benefit to draw attention to it.

3. Add Social Proof

Did you know that nearly 9 out of 10 (89%) consumers worldwide read reviews before making a purchase? Your potential customers trust those who have already experienced your services. Testimonials add much-needed social proof to your Services page.

Some business owners choose to highlight testimonials using text while others use video. Feel free to try different methods and see which ones make the biggest impact.

Pro Tip

Add a Testimonials or Reviews page to your website and place it in your top navigation. This is often a place where visitors go quickly as they journey through your website.

Real-World Example: Brazil Law Group

Source: Brazil Law Group

Brazil Law Group, a law firm located in Minneapolis, uses critical Services page real estate to highlight powerful testimonials from previous clients. They also use design (call-outs and color) to ensure the testimonials grab the attention of visitors.

4. Showcase the Wins

Talking about how amazing your services are will only get you so far. Just like social proof helps solidify your experience, showcasing the results a potential customer can expect will too.

There are many ways to do this. For example, you could create case studies and publish them on your website. You could then link to them from your Services page (see example below). Or you could simply create a list of results and add it into your page’s copy.

If you’re an attorney, you could include a shortlist of representative cases. If you’re an auto repair shop, you could add some before-and-after images. The possibilities are endless!

Real-World Example: West Monroe

Image shows West Monroe's Services page and how they've included a carousel of client stories to showcase their wins
Source: West Monroe

West Monroe, a business consulting firm, does a great job of showcasing the wins they help their customers achieve. On their Services page, they’ve included a carousel of client stories, using quick copy to drill down into the results. Not only is this a fast way to highlight their abilities, but it’s also visually appealing. Win-win!

5. Highlight Your Call-to-Action

Conversions require a call to action (CTA). A CTA is what you want your website visitors to do after hearing your message. To ensure your Services page converts, highlight your CTA throughout the content.

We recommend creating call-out boxes to ensure the CTA stands out from the rest of your copy. We also recommend placing a CTA above the fold (or before the scroll) to ensure it stays top of mind for your potential customers.

Important Note

Remember to keep the CTA simple. A quick “Schedule an Appointment” or “Call Us Today” with your phone number is enough.

Real-World Example: California Plumbing

Image shows California Plumbing's Services page and how they've highlighted their call to action in red
Image shows California Plumbing's services page and how they've highlighted their call to action in red
Source: California Plumbing

San Diego plumbing company, California Plumbing, doesn’t mince words. If you’re a resident of San Diego who needs plumbing help, they want you to schedule an appointment. Not only does the CTA stick around at the top of the page, but they also place it in the header and further down on the page, underneath their services copy.

You’ll also notice that the CTA is bright red, which draws your attention. By combining copy and design to form compelling CTAs, customers will always know what to do next (convert).

Want to Know More About Using Website Content to Grow Your Business?

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