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How to Use Quora to Brainstorm Web Content Ideas

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One of the most common concerns we hear from business owners is this: what do you do when you run out of content ideas?This concern shows itself in the form of various questions and statements such as:

“What do I write about now?”

“I’m completely out of ideas.”

“I have no idea what type of content my clients want.”

Who would’ve thought that a little blinking cursor could make you feel so darn hopeless?

We have great news! Ideas are readily available online—you just have to go digging for them. And before you sigh and say you don’t have time, here’s more great news: you can find quality web content ideas in a matter of minutes using Quora.

What in the World Is Quora?

Quora is a social question-and-answer platform. It allows users to both ask and answer questions about any topic, industry and niche. Users can follow “spaces,” which house questions about a certain topic and are displayed feed-style. Similar to Reddit, users can also “upvote” answers that best fit each question.

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Quora is used for getting answers to industry questions, sharing opinions and thoughts, and starting conversations. The power of Quora is this: your ideal customers are on the platform, literally asking for content. The only thing you have to do is oblige.

How to Use Quora to Brainstorm New Web Content Ideas

Finding new website content ideas using Quora is super simple. First things first, create a Quora account, open a new brainstorming document and let’s go.

Look for Trending Questions in Your Niche

On your Quora home page, there’s a neat little search function at the top of the screen. To get started, type in a keyword or phrase that pertains to your niche. You’ll then find a list of content that mentions those words. Try sorting by type (question, answers, posts, etc.) and by time (past hour, past day, etc.) to find trending questions in your niche.

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To make this even simpler, try following some Quora spaces that pertain to your niche. To find a space, enter your keyword or phrase into the search function. Quora will list any spaces automatically under the search bar. Simply click and follow to add the topic to your Quora feed.

As you dig, take note of questions you can answer and topics you can dive further into using content on your website. For bonus points, once you create your content, go back to Quora and share a link to it inside the original post.

Ask Your Own Questions

Another way to gain new content ideas is to simply ask for them by posting a question on Quora. For example, we might ask “what is your greatest struggle when it comes to content writing?” You can ask questions by selecting “Add Question” on your home page.

As users begin answering your questions, take note of their answers and create content that delivers value. Using our question as an example, we might create a blog post with helpful tips to eliminate one of the struggles posted.

Voilà! As you use these methods, you’ll begin to brainstorm enough content to keep your content calendar full for months to come.

Want Even More Content Ideas?

We recently shared with you how to use Reddit to find new content ideas for your business in our blog post, Reddit: The Content Creation Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed. Check it out!

Running Out of Website Content Ideas? Let Us Help!

As a business owner, we know it’s tough to carve out a few seconds to breathe let alone a couple of hours to brainstorm content ideas. That’s why we’re here—let us help! For help brainstorming and creating content for your website, send us Word Nerds a message.

Erin Larson