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Is Content Marketing Worth It?

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Three social media accounts to manage. Two videos to produce. A podcast to record. A lead magnet to edit and publish. Two blog posts that haven’t even been started yet…

Sound familiar? If you’ve jumped into the deep end of content marketing it might. When doing some research for our own content efforts, we found one simple question came up more often than all the others: Is content marketing worth it?

We know content marketing takes dedicated time and effort. And, unfortunately, there’s no instant reward. There’s no pat on the back. Instead, there’s a lot of work followed by a deep breath and the waiting game… Will anything good come from the time you’ve spent?

Hear us out: We know content marketing. We know content marketing is worth it. If you want proof, then keep reading.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

If you want to see the worth of content marketing, look at these numbers:

  • 71% of a B2B respondent pool stated they read a blog while on their buying journey
  • 52% of online brand discovery happens in social feeds
  • 86% of marketers has successfully achieved their brand awareness goals through content marketing
  • 69% of successful B2B marketers have a documented content marketing strategy

There’s so much more where these came from. The success stories and stats are truly endless.

What Can Content Marketing Do for You & Your Business?

When done right, content marketing can do a lot for your business. For instance, it can:

  • Help you build a connection with those who need you most. Your target audience needs you. You’re the only one who can help them solve their problem or fulfill their need. Content marketing helps you connect with your ideal customers in a deep way that solidifies the fact that you’re the right choice. It’s not feasible to pick up the phone and have a deep conversation with every single potential customer. But, through content, you can reach more people in a more meaningful manner.
  • Inspire growth within your business. Content that connects will also convert. This means you’ll increase conversions within your business, driving better revenue and inspiring growth.
  • Increase your authority in your niche. Your potential customers want to buy from businesses they can trust. In fact, 81% of consumers say they need to be able to trust a brand to buy from them. Content helps communicate to your audience that you know what you’re doing. As a result, you build authority and trust for your business.

Content Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Our final truth is this: Content marketing doesn’t have to be overly complicated. All you need is a content strategy, the dedicated time set aside for content creation and a large mug of your favorite coffee (or tea).

It also helps to have someone in your corner who’s been through it all before. Let’s share a cup o’ joe, shall we? Reach out to the Word Nerds today by sending us a message.

Erin Larson