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Keep Your Agency Afloat During Uncertain Times With White Label Copywriting

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The times, they are a-changin’.

The world seems to be spinning a bit faster right now. It’s easy to wake up each morning with a sense of uncertainty, especially as an agency owner. After all, customers still expect their projects and your business won’t run itself.

You’re not alone in this. We understand the difficult decisions you might have to make as you move your agency forward. You may have to lay members of your team off to lessen the financial blow. You might need to ask members of your team to shift their focus to business projects. We totally get it. We see you and we feel your struggles.

Let’s just pause for a moment and take a deep breath.

You can take steps to handle everything your business requires without sacrificing customer happiness. One such step is to outsource to keep your projects (and your agency) afloat.

Don’t Panic: Consider Outsourcing Your Web Content Work

Outsourcing your copywriting needs to a white label copywriting service can help you manage your fluctuating work. In times where a full-time content creator just doesn’t make sense, white label copywriters are there when you need them and are okay to sit on the sidelines when you don’t.

White label copywriters can help you with your growing content needs from blog posts to email campaigns and beyond. You also have the freedom to choose the copywriter you work with based on what you can afford. Plus, outsourcing alleviates the need for you to add more projects to your plate, ensuring you stay focused on steering your business through any storm.

How to Outsource Effectively Without Losing Momentum

We know that the thought of doing anything beyond the norm seems crazy during uncertain times. Just hear us out, because we know you can effectively outsource your content needs without losing business momentum. Here’s how.

1. Define Which Projects to Outsource

Defining the types of projects you want to outsource will depend on your team and business goals. For example, you might choose to outsource monthly retainer projects such as blog posts and keep your larger projects in-house.

We also recommend taking a look at what makes sense financially. Determine your overall budget and then find the right writer or team of writers to support you.

2. Find a White Label Copywriter You Can Trust

Now it’s time to find a white label copywriter. There are many methods to this such as posting a listing on Indeed or performing a simple Google search for white label copywriters. We recommend looking at each writer’s experience, reviewing their testimonials and asking for previous work to see if they fit your agency’s requirements.

It’s also possible to ask the copywriter to do a test piece, so long as you pay them for it. This is often a great way for both the writer and the agency to determine if it’s a good fit.

3. Create a Simple Outsource Process

You’ll need to have a process in place to follow for outsourcing to keep things consistent. For example, how will you deliver project information to your copywriter? How will you meet deadlines and manage the revisions process? Whatever you choose, make sure to document the process so everyone is on the same page.

4. Provide Necessary Materials and Assets

Once you onboard your new copywriter and add them into your process, it’s time for the first project. For each project you outsource, provide as many materials, customer notes and insight as possible. This will help your writer understand the project and customer needs from the get-go.

You might also consider a quick phone chat before a project to explain the details further. There’s no such thing as too much information when it comes to writing. Information and open, ongoing communications help eliminate rocky projects, avoid rewrites and other pitfalls.

5. Give Clear Feedback and Keep Going

When the writer delivers the work, remember to give clear feedback. Moving forward, this will ensure the writer understands your expectations and creates work you’re proud to deliver to your customers.

Need Web Content Help? We’re Here for You.

Hey, we know times are tough right now. We’re here to help you keep your agency moving forward.

If you’re ready to outsource your content needs, we’re waiting on the sidelines. Send the Word Nerds a quick message today.

Erin Larson