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Level Up Your Content Game With These 10 Content Marketing Courses

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Could your content marketing strategy use a super mushroom (that’s a Mario reference in case you’re confused)? Whether you simply want to boost your content creation skills or completely overhaul your strategy, there are plenty of content marketing courses to help you level up your digital game.

Below, we’ve gathered a robust list of some of the best content marketing courses out there for beginners and professionals alike. And while we haven’t personally taken all of these courses, the reviews speak for themselves.

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10 Content Marketing Courses You Can Start Today

1. Content Marketing Certification - HubSpot

Price: Free

Who It’s For: Marketing professionals, inbound professionals and content creators

You’ll see HubSpot a couple of times on this list. After all, if you’re looking for expert content marketing advice, you’ll find it through HubSpot. This course is a deep dive into content marketing, featuring 12 lessons on everything from storytelling to content analysis. Plus, it’s perfect for all skill levels.

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2. Blogging for Business - Ahrefs

Price: Free

Who It’s For: Anyone who wants to use blogging for their business

Want to grow your blog past 100K monthly visitors? If so, this is the course for you. Taught by the CMO of Ahrefs, Tim Soulo, this course delivers everything you need to grow your blog and convert visitors into customers. This course features 11 modules and 40 lessons.

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3. Content Marketing Fundamentals - Semrush

Price: Free

Who It’s For: Beginners ready to harness the power of content marketing

If you’re a beginner who’s ready to start using content marketing, this is a great course to get you started. Taught by Ashley Segura, the VP of Operations at TopHatRank, you’ll learn the basics of content marketing and how to use it to meet your goals. This course features two hours of coursework and 13 complete lessons.

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4. The Strategy of Content Marketing - UC Davis

Price: $49 with certificate

Who It’s For: Those who wish to learn how to build and implement content marketing strategies

The Strategy of Content Marketing is offered through Coursera as a partnership between Copyblogger and UC Davis. In this course, professionals of all skill levels learn how to build, implement and analyze content marketing strategies within their businesses. Plus, you’ll receive a certificate at the end of the course.

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5. Content Marketing Certification - Digital Marketing Institute

Price: $445 with certificate

Who It’s For: Small business owners, marketing professionals and anyone interested in boosting their digital marketing skills

The Digital Marketing Institute is known for its robust courses, including this one. This certification teaches you everything you need to know for successful content marketing, including:

  • Building personas
  • Performing keyword research
  • Writing content
  • Promoting content
  • Measuring content performance

The course is broken down into five modules and includes a whopping 10 hours of material. Plus, students receive a globally recognized certification when they complete the course.

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6. Content Marketing Masterclass: Create Content That Sells - Brad Merrill

Price: $129.99

Who It’s For: Those who want to grow their business with content marketing

The Content Marketing Masterclass is offered through Udemy and taught by Brad Merrill, the CEO of Merrill Media. This course is chock full of insights on everything from web design to effective copywriting. Inside, you’ll find 3.5 hours of video material as well as other tools to support your learning.

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7. Inbound Marketing Certification - HubSpot

Price: Free

Who It’s For: Inbound professionals and marketers

HubSpot again? Absolutely. This inbound-specific course teaches you how to create compelling content and how to nurture the resulting leads. It includes seven lessons and 24 videos and features some of HubSpot’s best and brightest talents.

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8. Write That Site - Cari Twitchell

Price: $997 with discount

Who It’s For: Anyone who wants to write website copy that connects with and converts their ideal customers

This in-depth course was written by our fearless leader, Cari Twitchell. We might be partial, but we truly feel it’s a gem. In this course, Cari leads you through the process of writing an entire website, from building your brand to planning your website copy and beyond.

Inside you’ll find various bonuses, including a module on building your own WordPress site. After this course, you’ll have brand new website copy that sounds like you and speaks directly to your audience.

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9. Marketing Strategy: Relatable Video Content - LinkedIn Learning

Price: $25.99

Who It’s For: Anyone wanting to create compelling video content for marketing purposes

No list of content marketing courses would be complete without a course all about video marketing. This course teaches you how to create video assets that are relatable and authentic to your brand. It includes five modules covering topics such as video formats and measuring video success.

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10. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing - Google

Price: Free

Who It’s For: Beginners in digital marketing or those looking for a refresh

This Google Digital Garage course includes 26 modules and over 40 hours of material. It covers the basics of digital marketing, including everything from measuring web traffic to getting started with content marketing. If you’re looking for a foundational course before diving deeper into content, this just might be the one.

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