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LinkedIn Profile Optimization: Adding Recommendations & Testimonials

Reading Time: 3 minutes

How do your customers decide you’re the right choice to fulfill their needs?

  • They’ll likely read a blog post or visit your website.
  • They might visit your social media or download your whitepaper.
  • They most definitely will review testimonials from others who’ve experienced what it’s like to work with you.

In this week’s episode of LinkedIn profile optimization, we’re focusing on adding testimonials and recommendations to your profile to show you’re the best choice for potential customers.

The Impact of Using Testimonials & Recommendations in Marketing

Around 87% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses. And, according to a recent study by G2, 92.4% of respondents answered they were more likely to purchase a product or service if they’ve been able to read a trusted review about it.

The bottom line: your potential customers are searching for and reading reviews about your business. LinkedIn gives you a quick and easy way to add these items right to your profile. It’s the perfect way to solidify the experience you discuss in your summary, job history and throughout your profile.

How to Add Recommendations & Testimonials to Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn recommendations are written by other LinkedIn members to recognize your work and experience. They’re located under the Skills & Endorsements section on your profile. You can only request recommendations from your 1st-degree LinkedIn connections (i.e., direct connections).

We recommend requesting recommendations from individuals who’ve worked with you in the past. These will be genuine recommendations that your audience will trust.

Here’s the simplest method for requesting a recommendation:

  • Go to your LinkedIn Profile.
  • Once there, scroll down to your Recommendations section and choose “Ask to be recommended.”
  • Next, type the name of the connection you want to request a recommendation from.
  • LinkedIn will ask you to fill out the “Relationship” and “Position at the time” fields via a pop-up window. Then choose “Next.”
  • The final step in this process is to include a personalized message with your request. Do not leave the standard copy in this area. Delete what’s there and start over. Once your message is complete, choose “Send.”

Voilà! Your request is off! You’ll know if the request worked if you receive a message from LinkedIn informing you that you have a new recommendation.

BONUS: If you receive a recommendation from someone, it’s a good practice to give one in return.

Adding Testimonials

You don’t have to stop at recommendations. If you have previous customer testimonials, sprinkle a couple in your summary. You can also add a link to your testimonials page in your summary or inside your Featured section on your profile.

Be sure to choose testimonials that truly capture what it is that you do. If you don’t have testimonials, now’s the time to start requesting them from customers after you complete your work. A simple email asking for a quick review or testimonial should do the trick.

Need LinkedIn Profile Help? You’ve Come to the Right Place.

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Erin Larson