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LinkedIn Summaries: Copywriting Lessons to Learn From 5 Inspiring Examples

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Do you feel like LinkedIn is like the planet Mars? You know there could be life there, but you’re unsure how to find it.

After all, LinkedIn used to be seen as a place you might send someone to view your resume. Otherwise, it wasn’t a contender for the typical “I need inspiration” or “I need to connect with someone” scroll (we see you Instagram, Facebook and Twitter).

LinkedIn has come a long way, however. It’s now a powerful tool you can use to attract the attention of potential professional clients. Plus, it’s great for networking, which can make or break your business.

The Power of the LinkedIn Profile Summary

“Hook, line and sinker.” It’s one of the most quoted and used marketing strategies throughout history because it works. Everyone needs a good hook. Your LinkedIn profile summary, which is the first thing visitors see on your profile after your name, is your hook.

Allow us to explain. Ever heard the name Captain Hook before? We’re sure you have. In fact, we’re certain you even know why that’s his name. Cap’s uniqueness, his defining trait, comes from the fact that he has a hook.

Here’s a fun tongue twister for you: Captain Hook’s hook is his hook.
Because, why not?

Where does your uniqueness or defining trait come from? That’s your hook and it’s what you should use to create a powerful LinkedIn profile summary that compels your reader to want more (just like that pesky crocodile). It’s what inspires your audience to dig deeper, discovering your experience and what you and your business can offer.

5 Inspiring LinkedIn Profile Summary Examples & What They Can Teach Us

On our quest for LinkedIn profile summary greatness, we’ve discovered several examples of inspiring summaries that can teach us some important web copywriting lessons. In true Captain Hook style, let’s walk the plank right in.

1. There’s Nothing Like a Quick Win

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Allison Zia starts with a quick statement that underlines exactly what she’s passionate about and how she best serves her clients. In only three sentences, she manages to explain what potential clients can expect from her work. It’s a quick win that satisfies busy professionals running short on time.

2. Tell a Story

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Family law attorney Nanci Smith immediately hooked us in with a story that connected her childhood with her passion for law. Although we’re no stranger to the benefits of storytelling around here, it’s important to remember that transparency like this does belong on a “professional” platform.

3. Favorite Quotes Still Work

Starting with a quote that means something to you is a quick way to connect with others. Jeremy Leveille’s favorite quote also showcases his passion for what he does day-in and day-out. And guess what…passion is contagious.

4. Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Everyone loves to laugh. That’s why Jackie Hermes’ LinkedIn summary inspired us to read on. She used humor to tell her story, giving us a look into her personality and showing us what working with her would be like.

5. Focus On the Benefits

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Potential clients want to know what benefits you can deliver, not the features of your service. Brian Massey illustrates the benefit he delivers in a beautiful and captivating way from the get-go using imagery and storytelling. Summaries should be to the point, yet with room for inspiring copy.

Need Help Creating a LinkedIn Summary That Works?

Your LinkedIn profile summary is critical online real estate you shouldn’t ignore. If you’re struggling with writing a summary that reflects who you are and what you do in the best way, we can help. Reach out to our team of Word Nerds by sending us a message.

Erin Larson