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New Website Page Ideas to Keep Your Copy Fresh

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It’s a common myth that once you hit publish on your website, you can finally sit back and relax. While we hope you take a minute to celebrate your hard work, you must know this: your website is a living, breathing piece marketing tool that requires maintenance and updates.

Updating Your Website Content Keeps Your Audience Coming Back

Friends reruns are great for lazy afternoons, but content reruns on your website will bore your visitors. Updated content is engaging content. When done correctly (in addition to blogging and other methods of content generation), new website content keeps your audience coming back for more.

Plus, as the number one source for info about your business, it’s important to keep your website up to date. Have you changed your services? Did you change office locations? Always update your website so you don’t end up confusing your audience.

5 Website Page Ideas to Add to Your Sitemap

One of the best ways to keep your website content fresh (and so clean, clean) is to add new website pages. The goal is to provide your audience with all the information they need to feel comfortable reaching out to you. At their most basic, business websites should include these pages:

  • Home
  • About
  • Bio
  • Services
  • Contact

If you don’t have all of these pages, add them. If you do, we recommend creating some new website pages to round out your online content. We’ve compiled some ideas for you here.

1. Additional Service Pages

You might have a main service page that outlines everything you offer. You can also add additional service pages that dive deep into each service specifically. For example, if you’re an attorney, break your services out into areas of practice.

As you add services to your business, add those updates to ensure your audience has a grasp on everything you offer.

2. FAQ Page

Websites for complex niches such as law, finance and health often include information that’s difficult to understand. A Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQs) can help answer the questions that hold your visitors back from reaching out to you.

Consider questions your audience might have about your business and answer them on a new website page. Take note of questions you receive from potential clients and add those to the page as well.

3. Resources Page

Are there online resources that can help your audience understand more about what you do? Have you created lead magnets such as whitepapers, checklists or other downloads? Add all of these items to a specific Resources page on your website. This page creates an extremely valuable source that your audience can continue to come back to.

4. Testimonials Page

Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for content marketing, coming it at 89%. If you don’t yet have a Testimonials page—also called a Reviews page—it’s time to get working on this. Ask your past and current customers for a quick blurb about their experiences with you, your team and your services.

Pro tip: Place testimonials on other pages of your website such as your Home page and About page to get eyes on what others have to say about you. Then link to your full Testimonials page so you can wow folks.

5. Team Page

If you have team members, a team page is a great tool your audience can use to get to know who they might work with if they sign up for your services. Add a short bio about each team member and a photo so your audience can put a face to a name. Have some fun with this page! Make it creative and showcase your team’s personality.

Update Your Website Using Our Website Page Inspiration Checklist

Want even more page ideas to beef up your website content? We’ve created a checklist chock full of website page inspiration for you.

Don’t Let Your Website Content Go Stale

A boring website that features stale content will hurt your ability to generate leads for your business. To ensure your website stays fresh, generate high-quality content consistently. To learn more about creating website content that keeps your audience coming back, send us a message.

Erin Larson