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One Thing Doesn’t Change: Content Is Still Critical

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The wild west.

The final frontier.

The new normal.

These phrases have been floating around in the past few months due to…well…you know what (dare we say COVID-19?). Believe it or not, we’ve been living in this “new place” for almost three months. While many of us live in states where things are looking up, we’re met with one solid fact: things will never be the same.

Now, we don’t say that to bring up feelings of anxiety or fear. We bring it up for one purpose: To remind you that although things change, some things will stay the same. How’s that for some hope?

Life as We Know It Has Changed…for All of Us

In the past few months, our lives have changed drastically. Each of our Word Nerds has had to keep their word-whisperer status while balancing kids, schoolwork, health concerns, laundry, cooking dinner for the umpteenth time, crazy work schedules…you get the picture. But…

We still have our family.

We still have our health.

We still have our ability to create.

As tough as things are right now, as stressful as our lives have become, we still have what matters most.

One Thing Doesn’t Change: Website Content Is Still Critical

As a business owner, this pandemic has taken a toll on you, too. You may have had to change things completely to stay afloat.

We see you and we commend you.

Although things are different, you still have the ability to serve your customers.

Your doors may still be shut. You may be working remotely. You may have had to cancel consultations and in-person meetings. But, one thing won’t change: the importance of your online content.

Your website content, social media and blog are a constant for you and your customers. Your content stands in the gap, delivering value when you feel like you can’t.

High-quality website content is still critical for your business, regardless of what’s going on around it.

Content Establishes a Sense of Normalcy

In a time where nothing’s normal, it’s easy to want to escape. Here at CCS, we’ve done so by laughing together via Zoom calls or reading new books together. Why? It gives us a sense of normalcy in the chaos. Your website content has the power to do the same for your customers.

Think about it. How many times have you visited a blog you enjoyed simply because it makes you laugh out loud? Have you ever watched a video or read a tutorial to learn a new skill in your downtime? That’s the power of content and your customers crave it—especially now.

Consistency Is King

Just like gravity, all the best things in life are consistent. Right now, and at any other time, your customers are looking for someone they can depend on. Random content creates inconsistency that results in deadly friction between your brand and your customers. If you do anything for your business right now, make sure it involves creating consistent website content.

Let’s Move Forward Together.

There truly is a light at the end of the tunnel. And when we finally come out of it, completely out of breath yet still ready to run, make sure your online presence is too. If you’re struggling with your website content, we can help. Send our Word Nerds a message so we can move forward together.

Erin Larson