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Professionalism & Personality: How to Have Both in Your Website Content

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Are you walking on eggshells with your website content? You know that your niche requires you to be a professional in your website copy, but you also know how important it is to show the personal side of your business. After all, 94% of your customers are only loyal to brands that offer complete transparency.

Sure, this delicate balance can lead to some frustration. But what if we told you that you can have the best of both worlds? In fact, having both professionalism and personality in your copy is a must.

Stuffy Website Content Isn’t the Answer, No Matter Your Niche

Are you an attorney?

An accountant?

A business consultant?

Whatever your niche, stuffy content isn’t the answer.

Using big words that only experts in your industry will understand and writing without contractions forces your audience to read your content without cracking a smile. The result? Your business remains completely forgettable.

Your target customer is looking for help with something they don’t understand enough to do themselves. If your website content makes them feel like they need to take a crash course before calling you, it’s going to be an instant “no.” Plus, your personality is one of the main attributes of your business that will set you apart from your competition.

Professional Personality: Finding the Perfect Mix for Your Web Copy

So, how do you balance your professionalism while remaining true to your unique personality? Trust us when we say that it isn’t as hard as it seems. The hardest part is letting go of the idea that without stuffy content, you’ll lose your credibility. In fact, it just might be the opposite.

Add Some Personal Flair

Just like a polka dot bowtie can add some much-needed flair to a business suit, so can personal flair add personality to your content. It’s all about the details. For example, you can add some flair to your website content by telling a story or sharing a funny joke. Or, you can add personalized photos to your website and bios that showcase your team’s personality.

Start Unique Conversations

Does your website have a blog? If not, it should, as this is a great place to start unique conversations about things you’re passionate about. Have you recently read a great book that you can share insights from? Did you watch a TED talk that you can’t wait to share with someone?

All these passions and interests showcase the human behind your business. Plus, you don’t simply want to regurgitate the same content that others in your industry are sharing if you want to stand out. Starting unique conversations that your audience will remember is the key.

Always Write the Way You Talk

Let’s take it back to basics for a second. Writing stoically and with precise academic precision is an instant turn-off for your customer. This type of writing is tough to read and is simply not conversational. And, remember, contractions (can’t, shouldn’t, haven’t, etc.) are your friends.

There’s also the possibility that you could try too hard to sound chummy with your reader. There are genuine personalities out there who truly can say things like, “Girl, wash yo’ face” in their copy and get away with it. But if that isn’t how you actually talk with your customers, then don’t fake it. Believe it or not, your customer will know when you’re not being genuine or transparent in your copy and it’s enough to make them click away.

Do You Still Have Stuffy Content?

Are you looking at your website copy and thinking, “this sounds stuffy?” If so, following these easy tips can help you turn it around. We know that the balance between professionalism and personality is delicate. If you have more questions about how to turn your copy around, send us a message!

Erin Larson