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Recycling & Repurposing Website Content: Making the Most of Your Copy

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Have you ever created a piece of content that outperformed the rest? Maybe it was a lead magnet you poured your heart and soul into that garnered thousands of downloads. Or, maybe it was a vulnerable social media post that inspired numerous shares from your audience.

The response you received is trying to tell you something: your audience wants more of that! By recycling or repurposing your website content, you can make the most of your best work, time and time again.

What Website Content Should You Recycle?

Posting the same content results in a bored audience, which isn’t good for business. Recycling doesn’t mean you use the same exact content over and over again. Instead, it means taking the content you have and turning it into something fresh.

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So, which website content should you recycle?

Your Most Popular Content

Your website’s analytics can tell you a lot about what content outperforms the rest. Look for pages or blog posts that stand out based on traffic and clicks. Look at your social media to see which posts have the most engagement or shares.

Content That Requires More Information or an Update

Go through your current content assets to see if there’s a topic you can dive into deeper. Or, check for old content that requires an update.

5 Ways to Repurpose Existing Content Into Something New

There are numerous ways to repurpose your existing content. Most of them are relatively simple, as you already have the backbone of the new piece ready to go.

Here are five of our favorite content recycling methods.

  1. Create lead magnets: Lead magnets are great marketing tools for capturing leads for your business. You can easily take a blog post, sprinkle in some additional content and design it into a downloadable guide. Or, you can pull together blog posts or articles on a similar topic and create an eBook.
  2. Design an infographic: Do you have a website page or blog post that features stats or facts? Create a shareable infographic you can publish on your blog and social media. Design tools such as Canva make it quick and easy to do.
  3. Refresh your old blog posts: If you’ve been blogging for a long time, you probably have some early posts that could use some refreshing. Simply update them and republish them to better serve your audience. Don’t forget to share about the updates on social!
  4. Create an email series: Email is a great way to nurture your audience. Glean a topic from your most popular blog posts, articles, or website pages and create an email series.
  5. Record videos using your content: Writing the script is one of the most tedious parts of video creation. Lucky for you, you already have the beginnings of a script using existing content. Repurpose posts, articles and pages into videos for your business.

Fresh Out of Website Content Ideas?

Delivering fresh content to your audience is simplified through recycling. Not sure how to make it happen? We can help. For assistance with recycling and repurposing your current website content or creating new content, send us a message.

Erin Larson