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Selling Your Clients on the Value of Professional Copywriting

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As a search marketing agency or web design and development agency, you know that the work you do can drastically turn your clients’ businesses around. You also know that much of the work you do depends on your clients’ ability to deliver on their end. Unfortunately, when it comes to SEO campaigns and new or refreshed website projects, it’s not uncommon to encounter long delays due to waiting on your clients’ main deliverable: content.

Waiting on Clients to Deliver Content?

“I’m working on it. I’ll have it to you soon.”

“I’m waiting on my staff/partner/spouse to review what I’ve written. Should have it to you in a day or two.”

“New phone. Who ‘dis?”

There’s no end to the possible replies you can get from clients in response to your, “Hey, just checking in to see how your landing page content is coming along?” or, “Hi! Do you have that website copy for me today? Your site is ready to launch as soon as I can get your copy.”

Why is this? Because your clients are busy running their businesses! And, most of the time, your clients are not copywriters. So asking them to write content for their landing pages, web pages, lead magnets and more is akin to asking a child to tie his shoes for the first time. Will it happen? Eventually. But not without a lot of frustration, several (day-/week-/month-)long breaks and possibly even a few tears.

Instead of telling your clients they need copy and sending them on their way to get writing, consider building copywriting services directly into your proposal.

4 Ways Your Company Benefits From Offering Copywriting Services

Offering copywriting services as an add-on for your clients is one easy way to add massive value to your clients’ projects. No, you don’t need to go out and get a loan to build out your staff even further. There are numerous web content agencies and copywriters available to you now who can work in tandem with you as white-label contractors or who can partner with you to serve your clients alongside you.

Benefits you’ll gain by offering copywriting services to your clients include:

1. Projects completed faster: With professional web copywriting services, your projects will wrap up faster, allowing you to eliminate project delays and increase incoming work.

2. Improved client results: Even if a client writes their own copy, they’re likely missing many of the necessary elements to ensure their content performs. A seasoned web copywriter knows how to write for search, audience connection and conversion. Better conversion rates make for happier clients and more rave reviews for your agency.

3. Enhanced project portfolios: The best design or PPC or SEO campaign falls flat with bad copy. By adding professionally written content to your projects, you’ll be able to promote them in your portfolio and use them to bring on additional clients.

4. Increased agency revenue: In the short term, you can markup the copywriting services you bring on to your projects so you have some added monetary benefit with each project. In the longer term, your happier clients, improved conversion rates, enhanced portfolio and more will all add up to bringing in better clients at even better rates.

Now that you see the clear benefits of including copywriting on your clients’ projects, it’s time to help your clients see the benefits, too.

So, How Do You Convince Your Clients That They’ll Also Benefit?

It comes as no surprise that clients often have objections when it comes to hiring a copywriter to work on their new content. It takes a little effort, but that effort pays off if you can break through their objections to help them see the benefits of working with a copywriter.

Here are a few of the most common objections we’ve encountered over the years:

  • “I know my business best; no one can write about it as well as I can.”
    This statement is partially true: your clients do know the most about their businesses. But to say that no one else can write for them is simply not true. All it takes is a little education to get your clients to understand what exactly a professional copywriter does.
  • “It costs too much.”
    No question about it, this is a big hang-up for business owners. Adding professional content to a project means adding content costs. Thankfully, this is where you have an opportunity to show your clients how the initial upfront costs well outweigh the costs of not moving forward with a writer’s services right away.
  • “I’ve worked with a writer before… It didn’t go well.”
    Now this one is tough. Many clients will come to you with having bad experiences from working with other vendors such as copywriters, designers and SEO firms. You overcome this objection the same way you would with anyone who had a bad experience working with one of your competitors. Lay out the right information, and they’ll get on board.

If you can prepare talking points in advance, you’ll be ready whenever an objection like the ones above arise.

Talking Points to Use to When Selling Copywriting as a Service

To help you discuss the benefits of professional copywriting services for your clients, we’ve put together a full list of talking points. Feel free to use any and all of these to build your business and improve your clients’ overall experience!

Get talking points to increase copywriting sales

Could Your Clients Benefit From Good Copy? Could Your Agency Benefit From Good Copywriters? Reach Out!

If you’re ready to go all-in on professional web content writing services for your clients, reach out to our team. We look forward to working with you and supporting your and your clients’ goals!

Erin Larson