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Website Copywriting

Custom Web Content Services for Professional Service Providers

As a professional service provider, you have particular expertise that you need to communicate to your audience. But, you also likely have ethics requirements, marketing restrictions and other considerations that can impede your ability to speak freely.

As professional writers, we know how to write copy that meets web standards and your industry’s requirements, all while matching your voice and sharing your message.

Here to Help With All Your Web Content Projects

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  • SEO copywriting/website content writing: SEO copywriting is about creating focused, quality content that answers questions, offers value and encourages action. You’ll get all of that when you choose CCS’s custom SEO content writing services.  And whether your website visitors are seeing your site on their desktop or smartphone, we write and format our copy in a way that grabs and keeps their attention.
  • Website audits: Thanks to our time in the digital marketing space, we know how to closely audit website content and structure to determine its strengths and weaknesses. We can review your site and provide you with a thorough audit, complete with items you are doing well and recommendations for improvement.
  • Blog posts: Blogging about relevant topics on an ongoing and frequent basis is one of the fastest ways to build traffic to your website. We’ll set a blogging schedule for you, brainstorm topics, and write blog copy that you can be proud to publish on your blog and share on your social networks.
  • Epic content: Long-form content, from 2,000+ word articles to eBooks and whitepapers, get attention and help identify you as an influencer in your field. As professional ghostwriters, we can research any topic you desire and write flagship, authoritative copy in your voice. 
  • Online sales funnels: Increase leads to your business through strategic online sales funnels. These start with the creation of a lead magnet and require targeted landing page copy, an email opt-in form and a follow-up email series.
  • Website strategy: Determining what content to have you on your website, where it should go, what each page should say are just some of the content strategy services you can expect to receive from our team of website content marketing specialists. We understand everything from sitemap structure to page selection and content structure.

Put Your Passion Into Prose

“Ask what makes you come alive and go do it.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
– Howard Thurman –

Identify Who You Most Want to Serve

You do what you do because you’re good at it. Because you believe in it. Because you have something unique to offer the world. Because you know that people need what you are offering.

If you’re like most business owners, however, you struggle with putting your passion and services into words that attract the right type of client—your ideal client. That is where our team of website copy specialists steps in.

We can help you create your ideal customer avatar (ICA), also called a buyer persona, so you can write targeted copy that speaks directly to the people you want to serve and who need you the most. 

Capture Your Voice to Convert Leads

At Custom Content Solutions, our sole goal is to help you create custom website copy that accurately conveys:

  • Your voice
  • Your personality
  • Your message
  • Your services

As professional marketing writers, we know how to help service providers identify their unique selling proposition and convey it in a way that connects with prospective clients.

If you’ve not yet defined your voice, unique value propositions or key marketing messages, then work with our team to build a brand style guide that outlines your brand messaging in a clear, easy-to-follow manner. Or, if you’d prefer, you can build your own brand style guide before teaming up with our Word Nerds for audience-focused copy creation.

​Request a Free Consultation Today to Get Started

Curious to know how we can put our experience to work on your next web content project? Give us a call to learn more about how we can create content to bring your business to greater heights. Call us today 612-643-1824 at or contact our team online.