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Online Sales Funnels

Inspire Conversions With Customer-Focused Online Sales Funnels

The ultimate goal of content marketing is to earn new customers for your business and turn them into loyal advocates.

To first capture your ideal audience’s attention, you need to make them fall head-over-heels in love with an initial offer and then keep them moving through the customer journey. How do you do it? You create a customer-focused online sales funnel that leads them from awareness to purchase while building a connection along the way.

Why Do You Need a Customer-Focused Online Sales Funnel?

The customer conversion process is a journey for your customer, and you should think of it that way.

A customer-focused online sales funnel presents an initial solution while leading your audience further down the path toward your services. How? Through custom content delivered at each step along the way.

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The 4 Essential Elements of a Successful Online Sales Funnel

1. Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is an attractive, value-driven offer custom-tailored to fit your ideal audience in exchange for their contact information—most often an email address. Lead magnets come in many forms such as checklists, eBooks, whitepapers, video courses and more.

2. Landing Page

When offering a lead magnet, you’ll want to send your audience to a dedicated landing page on your website. The goal of this page is to encourage your audience to fill out a sign-up form, so you can then deliver the freebie directly to their email inbox.

3. Email Opt-In Form

The opt-in form is a sub-element of the landing page. Your opt-in form must be simple with a header that inspires your customer to act. It should tie directly into your email marketing software to ensure immediate delivery of your lead magnet and allow for subsequent communications.

4. Follow-Up Email Series

Now’s the time to start delivering emails that turn your new contacts into customers. The follow-up email series includes the lead magnet delivery email, as well as subsequent emails that deliver additional value. Plus, they allow you to sell your business and communicate why your business is the right choice.

Customized Online Sales Funnel Development & Creation

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Funnel creation can seem like a lot, especially if you’re new to it. The good news is you don’t have to go it alone. Us Word Nerds are here to help you create a funnel that generates high-quality leads for your business.

Our sales funnel development and creation services include:

  1. Consult: We’ll start by chatting with you about your needs and goals to create a solid strategy. We’ll also discuss your business as well as your target customers and what makes them tick.
  2. Brainstorming: We’ll then spend some time brainstorming lead magnet ideas. Together, we’ll choose an option that fits your audience best.
  3. Creation: Finally, we’ll write your custom lead magnet, landing page, opt-in form and email sequence from scratch.

What Do You Need for Sales Funnel Creation?

All you need is a website and an email marketing system in place to build your funnel into. We’ll handle the strategy and writing for you!

Ready to Create a Sales Funnel That Converts? Call the Word Nerds Today.

Whether you’re a small business looking to connect with your audience or a marketing agency looking to outsource funnel work, we can help. Let’s connect. To learn more about our sales funnel services, give us a call at 612-643-1824 or fill out the form provided here.

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