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SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Writing for Search Engines & People

SEO copywriting requires knowledge of how search engines work and how visitors use websites. As search engine algorithms change on a seemingly constant basis, and as younger generations become less and less patient when it comes to finding the information they need… Well, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of yourself when it comes time to write compelling SEO content for your website. That’s where the team at Custom Content Solutions comes in.

We create Web-ready SEO content for you that will help you capture visitors and convert them into paying clients. Our owner has been in the field of SEO copywriting since 2007. She has created the requirements and put the processes in place to ensure every project we complete lives up to our high-quality content standards.

SEO Content Writing Is Not Keyword Stuffing

Years ago, the way to attain the first listing on a Google search results page was to stuff your content full of keywords, both on page and behind the scenes. But that copy was painful to read and provided no useful information.

Search engines noticed the keyword-stuffing tactics and adjusted their algorithms to penalize websites that offered no value. Google, Bing and other search engines continue to revamp their systems to ensure that what appears in search results is useful, relevant content that helps users accomplish their goals.

We Know How to Write for Search Engines

By that, we mean we know how to write for your users. Specifically, we know how to:

  • Express your services in a way that connects with your readers and encourages them to contact you for more information
  • Include key search terms without content looking “spammy”
  • Write in a way that keeps your website’s visitors on page longer, which often leads to increased leads and closed sales

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SEO Copywriting Services

If you are looking for a professional writer to create SEO content for a new website or revise content on an existing website, turn to our team. You can reach us by filling out the form here or calling us at 612-643-1824. We look forward to hearing from you!

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