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Whitepapers & Long-Form Content

Whitepapers & Epic Content Inspire Your Audience to Act

No content strategy is complete without epic pieces of long-form content that impact your audience and your business. A whitepaper, for instance, is a perfect tool for providing a detailed solution to your customers while building your brand and staking your claim in your industry.

The Magic of a Whitepaper

The word “whitepaper” is awfully jargony, isn’t it? It’s easy to hear “whitepaper” and immediately think of long, in-depth technical documents. While that type of content does have its place, whitepapers can do so much more than deliver specs and stats:

For the professional service provider, they solidify your expertise in your industry.

For the tech company, they explain the benefits of your tech solution to prove you’re the right choice.

For the home or health service, they deliver a solution to the customers or patients who need it most.

Easily Generate Leads for Your Business

Whitepapers make perfect lead magnets for your business. When placed inside a strategic online sales funnel, they can help you generate the business-booming leads you need for growth. In fact, 76% of customers are willing to share their personal information in exchange for a whitepaper.

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Whitepaper & Long-Form Content Writing Services

Custom Content Solutions offers whitepaper and other long-form content writing services to help you better connect with your ideal audience. As professional ghostwriters, we’re here to help you craft authoritative copy in your voice. How do we do it?

  1. Interview: We’ll hop on a call with you to discuss your business and goals. We’ll also cover your target audience, why you do what you do and more.
  2. Brainstorm: If you have a whitepaper topic already, great! Otherwise, we’ll take some time to research and brainstorm some ideas that fit your business and audience best.
  3. Research: Once we find a topic, we’ll dig in deep. We’re able to create professional content on any topic required, from in-depth tech pieces to legal copy. This doesn’t mean you’ll be fully hands-off, however. We’ll need your input along the way, as you’re the exact subject matter expert your audience is looking for.
  4. Content creation: Finally, you’ll get to focus your efforts elsewhere as we create your epic content. When we’re finished, you’ll receive a draft for review. We allow two rounds of revisions to ensure your content is written to perfection.

eBooks, Long-Form Articles & More

We don’t stop at whitepapers. Our team can create long-form copy such as eBooks and multi-thousand-word articles to fit your content marketing needs and help you build your thought leadership. Not sure what you need? Let us help by strategizing with you.

Let’s Make Some Epic Content Magic Together

Epic content such as whitepapers, long-form articles and eBooks is a surefire way to take your content strategy to the next level. Let us help! To learn more about whitepaper copywriting, call the Word Nerds at 612-643-1824 or fill out the form here.

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