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White-Label Copywriting

White Label Copywriting to Build Your Business & Best Serve Your Clients

Your agency is thriving! You have web design or SEO clients clamoring for more from you. They promise to do their part—to deliver the content you need to complete your project. But, as every busy business owner knows, it’s often our own work that falls by the wayside. So that content never comes. Now what?

Or perhaps you have a thriving marketing business that provides a variety of services to your customers. But you’ve been relying on freelancers to write content. The freelancers’ rates are low and they get the job done—most of the time. But sometimes they’re not available. Or their work is OK, but you know you could be delivering more. But how?

The Content Partner Your Marketing Agency Desires

Our copywriting team here at Custom Content Solutions may just be the answer you’re looking for. We partner with SEO agencies, web design and development firms, and general marketing agencies to deliver content that ensures projects stay on track and clients get something everyone can be proud of.

As seasoned and skilled digital copywriters, we are here to provide the ongoing content writing and strategy support you require to expand your services without building out a full-time team. We’re also happy to work in an ad hoc manner, jumping in when you need us and standing on sidelines when you don’t. Basically, we offer experience and flexibility to make outsourcing content as easy as possible for you.

I’ve worked with several content providers in my career, but none have truly exhibited the skills I’ve seen with Custom Content Solutions, LLC. They and owner, Cari O’Brien, have a keen ability to listen to our needs and deliver content that’s right on target that requires little to no alteration. The team is fast, dependable and always delivers on time. I couldn’t recommend Custom Content Solutions more.

Mike Michelson
Legit Click Media LLC

5 Reasons to Partner With Custom Content Solutions

1. Reliability

We have a stable of writers, which allows us to set deliverables on a schedule you can rely on. Plus, our project manager and Word Nerd Wrangler keeps everything in line and projects on track. We can craft ongoing schedules you can rely on. And you’ll never have to worry about scrambling to find a last-minute writer for a project because someone else failed to deliver.

2. Proven Processes

We have processes in place that ensure we cover all bases of a website project, from the initial content interview through to content approval, and we are happy to manage any or all of that process for you.

3. Experience

Our writers have several years of experience writing web copy and blog posts. Many of our writers are professionals; several hold law degrees. We have the education and hands-on training that help us succeed at turning jargon into copy that connects.

4. Collaboration

We’re highly communicative. You’ll always have access to our team through our project manager and Word Nerd Wrangler. We keep you abreast of project updates, reach out with questions, and respond quickly to emails and phone calls. We’re also proactive; if we see something that needs attention or opportunities that could benefit a client, we’ll call it out.

5. Quality

Nothing gets past our team without a copyedit and proof.  Of course, we are only human. So, yes, sometimes our copy comes back with a grammatical error or two. But we also stand by our work. We offer up to two rounds of revisions with every piece we deliver as part of our baseline pricing, so we can revise anything that needs fixing or just needs to be changed per a client’s preference.

Cari and her team at Custom Content Solutions have played an invaluable role in our efforts to make content a priority in our SEO campaigns. Clients are often “all in” on developing content for their site, but struggle with producing it on a consistent and reliable basis. This is where Custom Content Solutions comes in, as they seamlessly combine our optimization strategy with the voice and brand of our clients to produce content that performs organically, checks all of our SEO boxes, while integrating perfectly into the client’s website flow, brand and voice.

Chris Lister

Valuing Quality in Content & Relationships

As far as our white label copywriting projects go, we are always upfront that we’re not the cheapest option around. That’s by design.

We aren’t a content mill. We aren’t in this business to make a quick dollar or to churn out content that looks and sounds like everything else.

We value the work we produce. We value our writers. And we value the long-term relationships we build with our agency partners.

To us, what matters most is creating quality content, building partnerships that benefit everyone, and respecting all parties involved in the website and blog world. If this resonates well with you, then we encourage you to reach out.

​Contact Us for a White Label Copywriting Quote

Whether you need a white label copywriter for a one-off project or for ongoing monthly deliverables, our team can help. Contact us online today to request a quote for our services or call us at 612-643-1824. We look forward to partnering with you!