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The Art of Feeling: Why & How to Use Emotion In Your Website Content

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The Art of Feeling: Why & How to Use Emotion in Web CopyTake a moment to think about your favorite purchases. Are you driven to visit your favorite coffee shop each morning? Do you visit your favorite sushi place each week? Do you believe in cleaning your home with a specific brand—and ONLY that brand—of cleaning supplies?

Now, think about why you choose those products over all others. Does that coffeehouse’s coffee taste better than the rest or does the visit feel you with joy? Does the sushi place have great reviews, or do you have a ton of happy memories there? Is that brand of cleaning supplies more cost-effective than the rest, or is it safer to use around your family?

Chances are, while you understand the logic of your purchase, it is the emotional aspect that draws you in. Because science. A website that addresses the logical side of the brain while speaking directly to the emotional side wins the day, every time.

If you’re worried your website content is lacking much-needed emotion, know you can fix it.

How to Captivate Your Audience With Your Website Content

To captivate an audience means to grab their attention and never let go. When visitors find your website, you have less than three seconds to captivate them and move them along on their journey toward your product.

Your website content should grab their attention, make them feel like moving forward and give them the means to do so. How do you do that?

  • Use captivating headlines: Headlines are critical not only for optimization purposes but for helping your audience understand where to go next. Write headlines that capture their attention from the get-go and use these headlines throughout your website and blog content.
  • Make it easy: Make navigating your content easy. Use short paragraphs. Place your site’s menu front and center. And yes, place that contact form everywhere.
  • Use strong calls to action: Use calls to action where appropriate to give your audience a next step. Once hooked, all your audience desires is a clear indication of how to take the next step: fill out a contact form, download a lead magnet or a make a phone call.

With your website content, you should also make sure you are talking to your audience, not at them or about them. Using “you” in your copy makes it personal, thus driving the emotional impact even further.

Tell a Story With Your Website Content

Look at your website as if each page is a new chapter in a story about your brand. What if your website is the only form of communication someone would ever have with you? You need to put yourself and your vision on those pages. How?

  • Use personality: Cut-and-dry copy doesn’t work anymore. Although information is important, it can be delivered in a way that speaks to your unique personality. This helps your audience feel connected to you as a person, driving that emotional attachment to your brand.
  • Be authentic: Authenticity proves what it is to be human. Don’t be afraid to show your audience that humanity. What inspires you? What are your goals? Where did your business come from? All of this tells the story of your brand and helps people understand the passion behind your services.
  • Keep it simple: Walls of text? Bad idea. Telling a story simply and quickly? Good idea. Remember, you have three seconds to captivate your audience.

Make it a goal for your audience members to leave your website knowing who you are and why you do what you do. This will be remembered far longer than the features of your product.

Understand and Believe in What You Offer

You cannot effectively sell something you don’t believe in. You cannot tell a captivating story about something that doesn’t captivate you.

You must understand and believe in what you offer.

You and your business have unique traits that no one else does. Only you do business like you.

Take a few minutes today to think about your business, what it is you offer, why you offer it and how you do it differently than the rest. Find inspiration in your products or services and then write down what you discover. If you believe it, your website content will speak it.

Still Struggling? Get Help!

If you still have trouble understanding what you offer, or how to write a story with your website content, we would love to have a chat with you. We believe you have something special. Let’s discover it together!

Cari O'Brien

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