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Write It & They Will Come: Inspiring Truth or Dangerous Myth?

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baseball field and house from the movie field of dreams

“Write it and they will come.”

Danger, Will Robinson! There’s no time to waste here, so let’s jump right in.

We know content marketing is no field of dreams. It’s difficult. It often feels like you’re the kitty chasing the shiny light on the floor.

As you stare at your screen, it’s easy to fall victim to inspiring Pinterest-worthy quotes that lead you to believe only half the effort is enough. It isn’t.

Writing your content is only the first part of attracting business-boosting leads.

The second part? Sharing that content with those who need it most: your audience.

The Truth: You Must Promote Your Content for It to Work

“Write it and they will come” is a nice sentiment when it’s 2 a.m. on a Friday and you’re still working on Thursday’s blog post (been there). For those leads to come in next week, though, you have to get that post out and then you have to promote it.

Writing for the sake of writing won’t get you far. Writing for the sake of delivering value to your audience will.

To deliver value, you must share your content so it’s easily found by your audience when they need it. And let us tell you, it’s more than worth it.

Content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound (traditional) marketing and costs 62% less.

5 Simple & Quick Ways to Promote Your Website Content

Let’s go ahead and bust another myth while we’re at it: Content marketing doesn’t have to be so complicated. Instead of jumping in headfirst, start simple and move forward as you learn.

There are plenty of quick-and-easy ways to promote your content online to get the most bang for your writing effort.

  1. Share on social media: After you hit publish on that new blog, go ahead and share a quick link on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media accounts you have for your business. As a bonus, feel free to share the link on your personal accounts, too.
  2. Email your content to your email list: Do you have an email list? Share a snippet of your content with your list and link it to the content on your website for further reading.
  3. Link to your newest content in unique places: For example, throw a link to your newest blog post in the description for your Facebook profile photo. Or place it in your LinkedIn summary with a statement such as, “Read Our Newest Blog Post” or “Check Out Our New Guide.”
  4. Create a short video: Use your new blog, guide or website page to create a short video using the same content. Videos are highly shareable, and you already have a script to work from. It’s a win-win.
  5. Share in groups and niche networks: Join relevant Facebook and LinkedIn groups and regularly share your content. Just remember: don’t be spammy. Make sure the group allows links and shares by reading the rules. Check out Quora and Reddit and answer relevant questions by linking to your online content.

Stuck Writing for the Sake of Writing? Reach Out for Help.

If you write it and promote it,they will come. But if you feel like you’re in a rut and can’t see your way forward, we can help. Send the Word Nerds a message today.

Erin Larson